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Fencing Direct offers Hurricane Assistance

Hurricanes have devastated homes and businesses in Southest. Fencing Direct is ready to help those rebuilding with SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on any order for those affected with FREE EXPEDITED shipping on many Items.

Just browse our selection of aluminum fences and vinyl fences, and give us a call or fill out a contact form and we will walk you thruogh the process.

Fencing Direct wants to help you avoid these common issues caused by disasters.

1. Price increases

Opportunists are always looking to make a buck in times of need, and disasters draw them like flies. Don’t get taken by a substandard product sold by someone who blew in with the storm.

Hurricanes also create a lot of demand that locals can’t fill. Contractors may be booked for months during the cleanup. With easy-to-install fencing delivered right to your door, you can tackle your repairs yourself.

2. Rotting Wood

If your wood fence saw significant damage from wind or flooding, now is a great time to upgrade. A vinyl fence isn’t susceptible to rotting from long exposure to floodwaters like a wood fence. And an aluminum fence can stand up to wind much better than a wood fence.

If you’re rebuilding, you may as well rebuild better. With our special discounts and free expedited shipping, a better property is in reach.

3. Dangerous Pools

For most affected by hurricanes, repairing the fence is probably far down the list of things they need to do to get their property back in shape. For pool owners, it’s probably way up there.

That’s because pool fences are critical to keeping family members safe and required by most state and local governments. If your pool fence has been damaged by the hurricane, we want to get you back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Call or email us today to price your project or receive your discount code.

We are here to help!

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