4' H x 8' W New Bedford Picket Contemporary DE Scallop White

New Bedford Contemporary Scallop White

AVAILABLE WITH DELAYS 4' H x 8' W New Bedford Picket Contemporary DE Scallop White. Section 94"...

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4' H x 8' W New Bedford Picket Contemporary DE Straight White

New Bedford Contemporary Straight White

AVAILABLE WITH DELAYS 4' H x 8' W New Bedford Picket Contemporary DE Straight White. Section 94"...

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4' H x 8' W Wharton Creek Picket Classic Scallop White

Wharton Creek Classic Scallop White

AVAILABLE WITH DELAYS 4' H x 8' W Wharton Creek Picket Classic Scallop White. Section 94" rail...

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4' H x 8' W Wharton Creek Picket Classic Straight White

Wharton Creek Classic Straight White

AVAILABLE WITH DELAYS 4' H x 8' W Wharton Creek Picket Classic Straight White. Section 94" rail...

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4'x8' Baltimore Contemporary Closed Picket White

Baltimore Contemporary Closed Picket White

AVAILABLE WITH DELAYS 4'x8' Baltimore Contemporary Closed Picket White. Section 94" rail cut...

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Few types of fences are as iconic or aesthetically pleasing as the classic American picket fence. See a clean white or beige picket fence and you can’t help but think of large green lawns, colorful rocking chairs, and the smell of cooking meat on the patio grill. It’s no wonder picket fences are so popular. Not only are they a friendly and unobtrusive way of fencing property, but they also have a range of other advantages. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, easy to maintain, and tend to increase property values. If you are considering buying a picket fence, look no further. We offer many varieties of vinyl picket fences, all at affordable prices, and all made of the highest quality vinyl fence available. Give us a call, and we would be happy to walk you through our picket fence options.

The Vinyl Advantage

Like we mentioned, our picket fences are made out of high-quality vinyl. Unlike fences made out of wood or other materials, vinyl fences require very little care after installation. Wrought iron fences can rust; aluminum fences are vulnerable to corrosion; wood fences have to be painted or stained and are vulnerable to termites and rot. Vinyl is a synthetic, manmade material that is crafted specifically for longevity and strength. For that reason, vinyl fences have none of these disadvantages. They are made to look good as new years after they are installed.

Picket Fences are Resistant to Extreme Weather

The high durability of vinyl also means our picket fences can withstand harsh weather conditions, from heavy rain and sleet to snow and ice. Vinyl is almost five times stronger than wood, making our picket fences much less likely to collapse in a storm or wash away in a flood. Even non-extreme weather can cause damage to wood fences. Traditional wood picket fences allow moisture to seep in, which can then cause termite infestations or rot. Additionally, when moisture penetrates a wood fence and the water later freezes, this can pry open cracks, leaving the fence worn out and weak. Our picket fences are also resistant to all forms of ultraviolet radiation, which allows them to keep their clean white appearance. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable potential problems down the road. Invest in one of our picket fences, made of high-quality vinyl, to ensure your fence looks good for years to come.

The Cost Advantage of Picket Fences

For homeowners on a budget, a picket fence is an excellent way to mark property and provide some extra security for your family and pets without breaking the bank. Though vinyl is initially more expensive than wood, vinyl costs almost nothing to maintain. And as technology improves, vinyl is becoming more and more affordable. Like most purchases for your home, a good picket fence is an investment. A clean, well-placed picket fence can also greatly increase your property value. The durability of vinyl combined with the timeless appeal of a picket fence mean your investment is not likely to decrease in value by the time you decide to sell your property. We understand that affordability is a primary concern for many customers. We are transparent with our prices and keep our fencing prices competitive while still providing high-quality material and construction. Call us today if you have further questions about our pricing options.

Making Your Picket Fence Work for Your Property

There’s no denying it. Picket fences are stylish. There is something enduringly classic and endearing about picket fences. And they are only increasing in popularity. But how can you make your picket fence really stand out on your property? The first thing to consider is the placement of your picket fence. If you want to draw attention to the fence itself, you may want to plant some rose bushes and evergreen shrubbery behind the fence. The contrast in color will draw the eye. Homeowners going for a more simplistic look may choose to allow the fence to stand on its own. This will also help draw more attention to the yard and the house beyond.

Picket Fences Come in Many Varieties

Another consideration is the style of the fence itself. Picket fences may seem simple, but in fact, they come in many varieties. You can choose between a flat top or one with an arch at the top. Flat tops tend to provide a more classic and simplistic look while a curved top gives your property a more exciting and dynamic feel. You may also choose between a flat picket, a spiked picket, or pickets that end at the top rail. All picket fence varieties come in either white or beige. Explore the details we provide for each of our options listed on the website. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, contact us and we would be happy to help you meet all of your needs and desires. We have decades of fencing experience and know how to get a hold of hard-to-find items without breaking the budget.

Meeting Local Codes and Regulations

Our team of professionals carefully researches and keeps up to date with all local codes. That means all of our products meet regulations that apply. Some of our picket fences are specifically designed to meet BOCA pool code requirements, while others are designed for use around a garden or yard. Before you install your picket fence, be sure to call underground utilities to have your property marked. You should also check to see if you need any permits. If you have any questions, call us. Our trained professionals can help you through the process.

Installing Your Picket Fence

Fortunately, picket fences are one of the easiest types of fencing to install. If you have an afternoon free and a helpful friend or family member, you may be able to install the picket fence yourself. You also have the option of hiring a handyman or company to install the fence once we deliver it to your property. If you choose to install the picket fence yourself, feel free to consult our online videos and tutorials for guidance. Our experienced professionals can also answer any questions you might have and assist you through the process over the phone.