1.5" x 5.5" x 96" W/ Locking Tabs White Rail

Vinyl Post and Rail White

AVAILABLE WITH DELAYS. 1.5" x 5.5" x 96" W/ Locking Tabs White Rail

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Vinyl Post & Rail Fence

Traditionally, post and rail fences were made of wood, an abundant material all over the densely forested Eastern United States and Canada. Often made of hardy chestnut wood, they required only a few tools to construct, so they were simple and easy for property owners to build. But the upkeep of a wooden fence can be quite significant, with frequent painting and repair of broken boards.This makes the choice of a wooden fence less than ideal.

This is why, at Fencing Direct, we offer vinyl post and rail fences. For the homeowner who likes the classic look of a post and rail fence, we provide UV-resistant vinyl fencing with a lifetime warranty. We take the tradition of yesteryear and combine it with the practical and economic benefits of vinyl fencing, so that your property is protected, your livestock fenced in, and the upkeep on your fencing is reduced.

Vinyl Post and Rail Fences Mark Property Lines

Of course, vinyl post and rail fences aren’t just for large livestock. Whether your property is large or small, a vinyl post and rail fence can effectively mark your property lines. States’ laws over boundary lines can vary, and that’s why marking your property with a fence can be a great proactive statement. There’s a reason we have the adage “Good fences make good neighbors.” Your fence clearly marks your land, heading off any dispute from trespassers, neighbors, or developers.

In some instances, a fence can become the boundary, so choosing where to place your new fence is incredibly important. Even replacing an old wooden fence under the assumption that it is the property line could be a mistake. You would never want to accidentally give up property because you and your neighbor are working under the incorrect assumption that the north fence is the end of your property.

That’s why, when replacing an old fence or putting in a new fence, it’s important to consult the original deeds or maps. If you and your neighbor agree on a fence, you should check carefully with your local laws. You want to be sure that your long-lasting vinyl fence makes you a good neighbor, even if you end up with a new neighbor.

If you have a great deal of acreage, a vinyl post and rail fence can help create a cohesive view of the property. There is a simple beauty in driving along the country with wide-open pastures and beautifully kept fields. As a property owner, it is a great feeling to recognize your land by its well-kept fences.

Vinyl Post and Rail Fences Are More Durable Than Wood

Vinyl fencing is durable and hard, and livestock cannot chew on it like they can on wood. Horses that like to nibble on the top of a wooden split rail fence can wear down the top over time, but vinyl resists their teething efforts.

One of vinyl fencing’s advantages is its ability to flex and bend on impact. Much like bridges and skyscrapers are designed to flex and sway against force rather than to collapse, polyvinyl chloride bends instead of breaking. If you are fencing in livestock, this flexibility can be incredibly important, especially if you have a particularly troublesome animal that likes to test its boundaries by ramming the fence.

Choosing vinyl can sometimes be a more expensive upfront choice, but many of our vinyl fencing choices offer a lifetime warranty. In addition, vinyl resists rotting, warping, cracking, and fading. If you’ve ever been tasked with painting 10 miles of horse fencing in August, then you understand how wonderful it is to have a fence that doesn’t need repainting every other year.

By working with us and not a big box store, you can be assured that we stand behind our quality fencing materials. We understand that fencing needs vary among property owners, and we work with you to create the vision you have for your property.

Make Vinyl Post & Rail Fencing Your Choice With Confidence

At Fencing Direct, we want you to feel confident about your vinyl fencing choices. That’s why we provide the Fence Builder tool to help you design your fencing project with certainty. Leave the guessing out of your project by partnering with our trained professionals to design, purchase, and build your own fencing project that will last for decades and decades.