6'X8' Shadow Box Belmont 3 Rail Panel White

Belmont Shadow Box Vinyl White

6'X8' Shadow Box 3 Rail Panel White. Package Features 3 - 2" x 6" Rails, 32 - 6" pickets, 2 U...

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8' H x 6' W Colden Privacy Fence Panel Tan

Colden Privacy Vinyl - 8ft High

8' H x 6' W Colden Privacy Fence Panel Tan

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8' H x 6' W Colden Privacy Fence Panel White

Colden Privacy Vinyl - 8ft High

8' H x 6' W Colden Privacy Fence Panel White

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White Vinyl Outdoor Shower Stall Kit - With Door

Outdoor Shower Stall Kit

White Vinyl Outdoor Shower Stall Kit - With Door

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Vinyl Privacy Fencing

The beauty of having your own yard is that you get much-needed privacy from the outside world. With your own yard, you can escape the public and provide your family, and yourself, with a beautiful, private, and secluded escape from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life. But, in the ideal world, that sounds perfect. However, for most people, neighbors, streets, and other nuisances can bother people in their yards. Whether it is a neighbor’s barbeque, the road running adjacent to your lawn, or the neighborhood kids running through your lawn, there are many opportunities to be annoyed by things going on around you.

That is why we recommend fencing. Fencing not only delineates your yard from your neighbors but also provides added privacy for you and your family. After adding a fence, you can block out the sights and sounds of your neighbor’s barbeque, ensure yourself privacy and safety from the road running adjacent to your lawn, and have a physical barrier so kids can’t come running through your lawn anymore.

However, the question is: what type of fencing should you get for your lawn space? There is an abundance of options for fencing. From split rail fencing to aluminum fencing to chain link fencing, you have a lot to choose from when it comes to the best type of fence for your lawn. Perhaps you have already done ample research for the best kind of fencing for your yard, but you are overwhelmed with the wide variety of products out there. Not to worry, we know precisely the type of fencing you need.

What is Vinyl Fencing?

Vinyl fencing is a type of privacy fencing that provides security, delineates your property and looks beautiful. Not to mention, vinyl fencing is quite easy to install, allowing us to sell vinyl fencing at a low cost. There are many advantages to choosing vinyl fencing over other types of fencing, but safety is the No. 1 reason for choosing vinyl fencing.

Vinyl Privacy Fences are Great for Security

Vinyl fencing is a type of privacy fencing that prevents people from being able to look into your property. Other people are not able to look into your yard because of the imposing and grand look of vinyl fencing. In contrast to other types of fencing, vinyl privacy fencing has minimal space that people can look through, and it tends to be quite tall. That means that if someone wants to enter your property, they either have to scale the fence or bypass the gate. Vinyl fencing does not provide a good grip, so it isn’t very easy to scale a fence. Besides, robbers and thieves are going to target the easiest house they can, which will not be yours, as vinyl fencing does not allow them the many advantages an unprotected house does: it is easy to case the house and it is easy to enter the house.

A Vinyl Privacy Fence for an Escape

A vinyl privacy fence makes your yard your castle. With a fence installed, you’re free to relax and enjoy your property the way you want. Let the distractions of the outside world melt away while you take a nap in a hammock, barbecue with friends, or bask in the solitude of a morning dip in your pool. A vinyl privacy fence offers your home a layer of peaceful isolation that you can’t get with other fencing products. The tall, imposing nature of vinyl fencing ensures that people are not able to look into your house. No matter what you are doing on your porch, in your pool, or on lawn chairs, you will not be bothered by the outside world.

Vinyl fencing is especially great for those whose houses border a major street. Surely, you do not want anyone who can drive by to see you enjoying some playtime with your kids. Maybe you don’t want your nosy neighbor to know about your family barbeque. Adding vinyl fencing allows you an escape to do whatever you please in your yard, knowing that the outside world cannot bother you.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing as a Barrier

PVC fencing serves as a great windbreak and sound buffer. For areas prone to high winds, we sell aluminum additions to the vinyl privacy fence posts that help your fence stand up to the elements. A privacy fence can keep the noise of your neighborhood or busy nearby streets from disturbing the peace of your backyard getaway. Just like vinyl fencing can prevent people from driving by to see you, vinyl fencing also prevents you from hearing people driving by.

Imagine that you are simply lying on your hammock, and you are reading a book. For a couple of hours, you are fine, but then you start to hear lots of cars because it is time for the world to leave work and go home. Traffic is a nuisance, especially to those whose houses border busy roads. Vinyl PVC fencing provides some sound buffering, so you can block out the sounds of the road. Additionally, vinyl PVC fencing works well if you have neighbors who love to throw parties; vinyl PVC fencing will allow you to enjoy time in the haven of your backyard, without being bothered by your neighbor’s party.

Vinyl Privacy Fences are Maintenance-Free

With a vinyl privacy fence, you avoid all the hassles that come along with owning a wood fence. Polyvinyl chloride doesn’t rot, so your vinyl privacy fence won’t get unsightly holes. PVC also doesn’t fade in the sun like a wood fence; it’ll look the same in the 20th year as it did the first year. The durability of a vinyl privacy fence means you won’t have to waste your free time applying new sealers or repainting. You won’t replace vinyl privacy fence panels as often as wood panels, and you won’t have to spend on expensive maintenance products. Your PVC privacy fence won’t wilt under UV rays.

Overall, buying a vinyl privacy fence will likely save you money in the long run compared with wood alternatives.

Vinyl Privacy Fences Offer Customization

Our wide array of vinyl privacy fences means you’re sure to find the right look for you. White or beige gives you color options that will work with any home or landscaping environment.

The design styles are numerous as well. If you want a bold marker of your territory, a Norfolk-style fence gives a stark, flat wall that makes your property line clear as day.

For those who want a classic, American style, the Harrington lattice top gives a garden feel to your backyard refuge.

If you want a more contemporary, playful look, the Chesterton spindle top fence teases the viewer with glimpses of the gorgeous landscaping behind it.

These options are great for families who have members who want a specific aesthetic for their yards. Maybe you have a husband who loves designing things and wants a specific aesthetic for this yard. With vinyl fencing, he can have the perfect opportunity to design the fence how he likes, so it can match the aesthetic he wants for his backyard. Perhaps you are looking to sell your house, and you want it to have a certain look. With vinyl fencing, you have the freedom to design your fencing as you like for whatever will sell the house.

Vinyl Privacy Fences are Easy to Install

All of our fencing systems come with simple, clear instructions for assembly. Or you can watch our vinyl installation video to see the process laid out step-by-step.

PVC fences come together quickly. The tongue-and-groove system makes for a weekend project for any homeowner with a couple of friends to help out. If you are looking for a family project for you and your family to do on a weekend, installing a vinyl fence is a great idea! Not only are you teaching your kids about hard work, but you can also save some money with installation.

We also offer limited warranties on all of our vinyl products. Our material will come out to your house, and you can soon enjoy your new, safe, and secure, backyard oasis in no time. Get ready to shut off the world and relax with vinyl privacy fencing. Call Fencing Direct today!