9 Things Good Fence Companies Do

There are so many fence companies out there and it may seem tough to figure out how to choose which one to use. Lucky for you, we have created a list of the top 9 things to look for in a fencing company when trying to decide which fence company to use.

1. Good Fence Companies Help You Stay Within Your Budget.

We know that there is a lot of thought that goes into creating a budget. So many different factors are involved in finding what price range you are able to spend on a future purchase or project. Not only will good fencing companies give prospective customers a free quote, but they will also do everything along the way to keep you within your budget. Here at Fencing Direct, we have a tool on our website to help you do just that, the Fence Builder. The Fence Builder allows you to design your fencing layout around the space you create on the grid. This includes placing your buildings, pools, decks, patios, trees, gardens, and whatever landscaping you might have. Then you can design your specific fencing around it and we will send you the quote! A good fencing company will also take the time on the phone or through email to help you come up with various fencing options within your budget. 

2. A Good Fencing Company is Transparent 

You do not want to work with a fencing company that tries to hide their prices or is unclear about their process. Plenty of fencing companies try to sneak in extra costs and catch you off guard. They might try to surprise you with new costs well into the process when you have already put in a lot of time and energy into your planning and it would be so detrimental to back out. A good fence company will never try to hide anything from you. When you work with a good fence company, you will not feel confused about what is currently happening or what comes next. The company will be clear and upfront from the very beginning, even starting with their website.

3. Good Fencing Companies Have Easy to Use Websites

Fence company websites should show you all of your product options (materials, styles, colors) as a customer, as well as describe the company’s policies, and layout the entire process for you from getting a quote to ordering to shipping to delivery to potential returns or refunds. The website should make it very clear and easy to figure out who to contact for support. Additionally, a good fencing company will also have a “Frequently Asked Questions” or FAQs page. Lastly, a good fencing company will have a website that does not have you feeling confused or leave you stressed out trying to figure out how to navigate it. Exploring a good fence company’s website might even be fun and exciting as you plan and imagine different products for your space!

4. A Good Fence Company Keeps the Prices Low

This is Fencing Direct's main value proposition. Here at Fencing Direct, we sell you the materials and supplies and leave the installation to you! Of course, you may decide to hire a crew to install your fence, but we leave that option up to you, allowing you to save quite a lot of money by simply purchasing the materials with us and installing yourself. Of course, we do not expect you to know how to install your fence, so we offer a plethora of online resources to help you!

5. Good Fence Companies Offer Free Resources to Their Customers

You will want to work with a company that wants to see you succeed. That means they provide free resources to help you. Fencing companies tend to be experts in the field of fencing, and they know there is a good chance that that does not describe you. So finding ways to share our knowledge and education with you is just one of the things that separate an ordinary fencing company from an excellent fencing company. At Fencing Direct, we have a whole resources page with manuals and video tutorials to help customers learn how to install their new fences! These resources are a huge part of why Fencing Direct is able to keep our prices so low for you; we help you through the installation process for free!

6. A Good Fencing Company has Astounding Customer Service

We have all had terrible experiences with employees and customer service representatives at various companies. No good fencing company will allow that to happen to you. Your experience will be the top priority and you will know it! You want to find a fencing company that takes the time to walk you through all parts of the process and is happy and excited to attend to your fencing needs and answer your questions. You want customer service representatives who thoroughly know their product, pricing, process, and options and treat you with respect. 

7. Good Fencing Companies Sell High-Quality Products

It does not get any simpler than that! You want great products and a good fence company will have just that. You do not want a material that will fall apart in a few months or need constant repairs. A good fence company knows just how hard a fence’s life is, with all that wear and tear and intense weathering, and provides materials that will withstand that.

8. Good Fencing Companies Maintain Clear Communication

That includes through emails, phone calls, or website messaging. A good company knows the importance of clear, straightforward communication. The customer should not be left guessing or confused at any point in the process. A good fence company will ensure that the customer feels respected and valued through their communication. 

9. A Good Fence Company is There for You

Down the road, should you need additional support with your product even if quite some time has passed, you need a fence company that can help. Fencing Direct is always happy to answer questions and provide support for you and your Fencing Direct product no matter how much time has passed since you last made a purchase.