5 Questions to Answer Before a Porch Railing Installation

When you are looking for ways to improve the look of your home, then you should consider porch railing. It is a great way to add interest to this space; even more importantly, it acts as a significant safety feature. Whether you have small children, pets, or older family members, a porch railing installation ensures your loved ones remain safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Of course, every home improvement project is only as successful as its preparation. Here are 5 questions you should ask before your porch railing installation. 

1) Will the Railings Fit all Porches?

When you are thinking about a porch railing installation, start by considering the size of your porch. Measure the perimeter to determine how much material you will need. Don't let the size deter you from getting railings. Understanding the size does help you estimate the scope of the project.

Once you've measured how much you need, you can begin to think about the style of railing that matches your taste and would coordinate nicely with your home. Most railings come standard as 6 feet wide, but you can also find smaller widths in order to help correctly accommodate the size of your porch. 

2) How Will Railings Benefit My Family?

Railings are a wise investment for any home. But their benefits are maximized if you have pets, small children, or older individuals living in your home. Especially for the latter, they provide an easy way to safely move around on the porch.

For small children and pets, railings provide a safety barrier. Especially if you have a raised porch, this is of paramount importance. And if you have a staircase leading down from your porch, railings become especially beneficial in snowy or icy weather as a point of stability to hold onto while trying to maneuver down the stairs.  

3) What are My Choices For Railings?

Aluminum railings tend to be your best choice. They are available in both white and black, which means that they will match with any style and color of the home and its hardscaping. Additionally, aluminum is beneficial because of its durability. As a result, your railings will easily withstand heat, cold, rain, snow, and ice, and still look great. 

Of course, in addition to color and material, you can also choose a style that matches your taste. Generally speaking, you can pick from different styles of railing that range wildly. Our choices are Fairfield, Summit, Midway and Fairfield Plus, which all come in heights of either 36 inches or 42 inches. 

4) What Will Railings do to My Home's Curb Appeal?

Railings are not only a great way to improve the safety of your porch, but also its look. If you have a porch with no railings, simply adding them can improve the look of your home by adding a sense of polish and finishing. As a result, railings tend to be a wise investment, because they increase your home's curb appeal. Especially if you decide to add some decorative details with your railings, you can take your porch from drab to fabulous. 

For example, if you really want to add a lot of character to your home, then you should consider the Fairfield Plus. This style emphasizes detail work, adding more character to your home than most of its alternative. However, if you feel that it's too ornate, you will find other choices that can fit your taste more closely.

Finally, you can add additions to your railing to get as much detail or as little detail as you desire. You have a limited amount of customization ability, which means that your railing won't have to look like it came from a big box store but be a little more unique to you. 

Railings on porches will enhance the overall look of your home. They will give your home a more polished look, and if you ever think about selling your home, your new railings will be an asset to potential homebuyers.

5) Can I Do This Myself?

Of course, you can. Perhaps the best feature of the railings discussed above is that they are prefabricated. That means you don't have to assemble all the parts, and simply focus on the installation itself. Additionally, a variety of helpful guides can give you the direction you need for your installation. 

But before you start, be sure to do some homework. For example, if you are a member of a homeowner's association, check with them first to make sure that your potential railing meets their requirements. The last thing you want to do is install a railing and find out that they don't approve of the color or the height.

Also, adding a railing may need an inspection in order to ensure compliance with zoning and building codes. These codes vary from area to area, so be sure to do your homework first before ordering materials and beginning your installation.

Railings are a great way to add interest to your porch, while also adding much-needed safety and security. Installing them is not a daunting task, and with a little research, patience, and some elbow grease, you'll be so glad that you improved your home in this area. To find the right railings for you, please contact us.