6 Backyard Fencing Ideas for 2020

If you spent last summer wishing that you had more privacy, more security, or even a quieter yard, then 2020 is definitely the time to take back your yard. Adding a fence to your property can make your life a little easier, increase your property’s value, or even take your landscaping to the next level. 

But what kind of fence should you invest in? You want one that will last, that meets your family’s needs, or that helps you create the haven that you envision for your home. Whatever your priorities are for fencing, at Fencing Direct we have a variety of backyard fencing choices for your lifestyle.

Backyard Fencing Idea 1: Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are a beautiful high-quality choice for when you want to keep in pets or children, while still allowing you to see around your neighborhood. As a hardscaping option, it can provide a beautiful backdrop for bushes or flowers, and at the same can mark the boundaries of your property. It is an appealing and practical way of preventing trespassing while also adding to your home’s value. 

We offer a variety of finishes and finials to distinguish your good-looking aluminum fence from others in your neighborhood. The upkeep on aluminum fences is minimal; just a simple power washing should take care of any dirt, spider webs, or moss. Uneven yards, hills, and even funny little corners can still easily be fenced as this type of fencing can be cut to fit any size.

If you’ve thought about putting in a backyard pool, then chances are you’ve also had to think about how to protect children from it. Our aluminum fences meet BOCA swimming pool code, and we can accommodate any HOA requirements you may have as well. This type of fencing allows visibility into the pool in an attractive manner, and still keeps your family safe from the water.

Backyard Fencing Idea 2: Vinyl Picket Fence

For the homeowner who loves the iconic white picket American fence, a vinyl picket fence is a great choice. Durable, affordable, and most of all, with no need to paint, a vinyl picket fence is a classic choice that adds grace and style to any home. It can enhance the appearance of the backyard, and its low-maintenance care allows you to focus more on things you care about, like choosing the perfect hydrangea bushes to go near your front door. 

Besides durability and affordability, vinyl picket fences are easy for a homeowner to install on their own. We offer videos, step-by-step written instructions, and a customer service team dedicated to helping you transform your lawn into a magazine worthy photo.

Backyard Fencing Idea 3: Vinyl Privacy Fence

If the neighbors sometimes feel a little too close, then this privacy fence is a great way to reclaim your backyard. It allows children and pets to play safely in a confined area without worrying about them wandering off. Privacy fencing reduces the sound of your noisy neighbors, and it gives your neighbors a break from your own crew’s boisterousness. A backyard BBQ can become an event that you don’t have to share with the whole neighborhood anymore. 

Vinyl fencing is fantastic because it doesn’t require painting, won’t rot, and won’t wilt under UV rays. It is about five times stronger than wood and has been made to flex on impact. In addition, it lasts longer and is more durable than traditional wood panels. This means that you’ll spend less over time on its care. Our fencing system comes with easy to understand instructions, and it can be put together in a weekend with a couple of friends. We think you’ll really be surprised by the instant change in your backyard’s ambiance by vinyl privacy fence.

Backyard Fencing Idea 4: Vinyl Post and Rail Fence

Mimicking the traditional post and rail wooden fence of yesteryear, this vinyl post and rail fence is a fantastic choice for marking property lines. This classic design comes without the classic problems. It is durable, long-lasting, and it can flex upon impact. You don’t have to worry about rotting, cracking, or damage from the sun, and you definitely won’t have to repaint it in the heat of summer. 

We ship all over the United States, so if you have a big spread in Montana, or a smaller backyard in Tennessee, we ship directly from the manufacturer by common carrier. We provide fencing for backyards of all shapes and sizes, and our sales and customer service team is ready to help you choose the best fencing needs for your yard.

Backyard Fencing Idea 5: Chain Link Fence

Many homeowners choose a chain link fence for both its durability and affordability. Because of its heavy-duty galvanized steel material, a chain link fence can last almost 20 years with nearly zero upkeep required. In a windy area, it’s open design allows wind to pass through without putting strain on the fence itself. It is budget friendly, easy to install, and provides a clear property line marker. It is one of the most affordable fencing options on the market, and can be put up in a weekend, allowing you to fence in children or pets quickly so they don’t get lost. 

If security is a concern for your backyard, then a chain link fence may be a great option. It allows you to see any visitors coming toward your home or yard, and you can also choose additional features like added height or barbed wire to boosts its security measures. Safeguard your backyard from trespassers or thieves by providing an extra deterrent for crime.   

Backyard Fencing Idea 6: Privacy Slats

If you already have a chain link fence in place, but you’re ready for some visual seclusion too, then privacy slats are a great low-cost option. We offer a variety of colors, so that you can match your home or blend in with your local landscape. Privacy slats can provide a nice backdrop for bushes, trees, and flowers, and can reduce the visibility into your yard by 70-90%. 

Embrace your backyard again. Plan BBQs and parties, send the kids out to safely play, and enhance your home’s curb appeal by finally adding or upgrading your backyard fence. At Fencing Direct, we offer a variety of fencing products that meet a wide range of needs because we know that our customers have different budgets, homes, and backyards. 

Our Fence Builder software helps you plan the backyard of your dreams before you commit to purchasing the materials. Our customer service team is experienced, and ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today about building your backyard oasis for 2020!