6 Reasons You Will Love a Privacy Fence

Your home is your castle. So why do so many homeowners go without their castle walls? Your privacy fence keeps the world at bay and makes your space truly all your own. It’s the FINISHING TOUCH on a home.

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A Privacy Fence Does What It Says

This may be obvious, but a privacy fence gives you privacy! If you’re tired of everyone on the street or anyone looking out their windows being able to see everything that goes on in your yard, give us a call.

You can have complete protection from prying eyes. A vinyl privacy fence comes with panels with no gaps rather than slats, so it completely blocks anyone’s view. No one will know when your kids are playing in the backyard. You and your spouse can completely relax in your hot tub, and the outside world won’t have a clue.

A Privacy Fence Gives Peace and Quiet

Your yard is TRULY YOUR OWN after you install a privacy fence. The privacy fence bluntly tells the world where your property begins and ends. When you put up a privacy fence, you can live in your own world in your backyard. Do you like enjoying a glass of wine on your porch swing? Go right ahead; you won’t catch any judging glances from your nosy neighbor. Do you want to host friends around your firepit? You can have as many people over as you want without having to deal with the neighbor who loves mowing his lawn shirtless.

A privacy fence also gives you a quiet solitude that you can’t get without one. Sounds waves flow through the path of least resistance. That means that if your fence has holes in it, sound will filter through the holes. With a solid privacy fence, sound doesn’t have an easy way to get through to your yard. Your noisy neighbors or that busy street nearby might as well be in the next town.

A Privacy Fence Looks Great

The imposing structure of a privacy fence is the perfect way to delineate your property. You define exactly what’s yours and let everyone around you know it. Your slice of land won’t be a nebulous idea, but rather an obvious fact.

A privacy fence gives you a canvas to decorate your yard. The unbroken panels give you plenty of space to paint on, if you like, turning your backyard into your own art gallery. Or, you can plant vertical gardens on your fence, giving your space a more natural feel. Have a pool? A privacy fence can turn your pool space into your own private grotto.

A Privacy Fence is Easy to Install

One of the reasons Fencing Direct can sell privacy fences at such low costs is that installation is a breeze. It’s so simple that you can do it yourself in a weekend with just the help of a couple of friends or family. We even offer easy-to-follow instructions, manuals, and videos.

First, find out if you need a permit from your local government to install your privacy fence. Some localities require permissions before proceeding on a project like this.

Next, you want to have your property surveyed to find out exactly where your property lines are. You don’t want to find out after installation that you’ve extended your fence into your neighbor’s yard or that you haven’t fenced in all of your property. Re-doing a fence installation is a waste of your time and money.

After that, you should measure your newly surveyed property to find out exactly how much fencing you’ll need. This key step allows you to plug measurements into our Fence Builder tool, which tells you what you can expect to pay for each style of privacy fence. Our LOW PRICES are sure to please.

Then, you should run a string line around the area you plan to fence off. A string line makes sure you dig your post holes in the right locations and don’t stray from your surveyed lines.

Next, you measure where you will plant your posts and mark those spots. For a paneled privacy fence, these will likely be as far apart as the width of each panel. You may have to shorten a section if a side of your property isn’t divisible by the width of a panel.

You’ll dig your post holes to the amount specified by the instructions for your type of fence. For example, a vinyl privacy fence requires 36-inch post holes. You can do this with hand tools or by renting an augur. Fill these holes ¾ of the way with Ready Mix.

To put on the finishing touches, run a string line from the top of the corner posts so you can pull each post up or push it down to get a level look on the top of the fence. Install your gates, and you’ve got a privacy fence fit for a king.

A Privacy Fence Keeps Kids, Pets in

You want your loved ones to enjoy your property without having to worry about them. You can’t keep your eye on them at all times. But with a privacy fence, you’ll know exactly where they are. Got a rambunctious child or grandchild who likes to test boundaries? They won’t have anywhere to go in a yard fenced off by a privacy fence. Got a dog who loves to roam the neighborhood? He’ll stay put when he’s got big walls in the way.

A Privacy Fence Keeps You Secure

A privacy fence augments your security measures in a few ways. First, it makes your home a harder target for burglars. They’re opportunistic and will go for the easiest job they can find. If you put up a tall fence they’d have to scale to get in, they’re less likely to want to try it. A privacy fence also cuts off their potential escape routes.

Furthermore, a privacy fence prevents burglars from “casing” your home. They can’t properly plan for how they want to get in or what property they’re aiming to steal if they can’t see into your home.