8 Advantages of Installing an Aluminum Fence


So, you're planning on fencing off your property. Maybe it's the back lot where you store your business's materials, and you want something to make sure no one can just walk off with your property. Or perhaps you're thinking about your front yard, where you let your pets and children play. It's wide open, and you'd simply have better peace of mind if you knew there was a little more security there. Wherever you're installing your aluminum fence, and whatever purpose it's supposed to serve, there are certain questions you need to answer before installing an aluminum fence. How sturdy does this fence need to be? How high do you want it? What configuration does it need to be in? Are there any special challenges a fence has to stand up to because of weather, animals, or other considerations?

Most importantly, though, you need to ask what your fence is going to be made of. That question, at least, is easy to answer. Because aluminum is a material that can greatly simplify your fence installation process, while giving you all the strength and structure you could ask for.

Here are 8 advantages of installing an aluminum fence:

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #1: Endurance

Say what you will about aluminum, it is a really laid-back metal. Chemically speaking, aluminum doesn't react to much. Unlike iron, and many kinds of steel, which will corrode and wear away. Rain or shine, wind or snow, aluminum fencing can withstand all sorts of conditions without needing much more than an occasional paint touch-up.

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #2: Flexibility

Aluminum fencing comes in a wide variety of shapes and styles. So if you want a fence that's made of traditional posts, with decorative spikes at the top, you can do that by installing an aluminum fence. If you just want a simple privacy fence that screens your yard from prying eyes, that's also a possibility. If you'd prefer something simple and functional, like chain link, installing an aluminum fence can do that as well. Whether you want something that's stripped-down and basic, or something that's just as decorative as it is functional, aluminum fencing has a lot of options to pick from.

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #3: Price

While aluminum might not be as strong as wrought iron or steel is, it's also nowhere near as expensive as those materials are. Because of its low cost, installing an aluminum fence often allows businesses and homeowners alike to do more with smaller budgets. This reduction in cost could even make installing an aluminum fence a reality for people who don't believe they'll be able to afford any kind of fence.

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #4: Security

An aluminum fence won't stop the charge of a rampaging grizzly bear, but it can stand up pretty well to most other threats a fence is meant to protect against. Installing an aluminum fence ensures no one can just wander onto your property, and it keeps those you'd rather not have running away (pets, children, etc.) from disappearing as soon as you turn your back. Perhaps most importantly, though, installing an aluminum fence can discourage crimes of opportunity. The harder someone would have to work to steal something, or to vandalize something, the more likely they are to simply look for more convenient targets.

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #5: Environmentally Friendly

When you're installing an aluminum fence, you don't typically fast-forward and ask yourself how you're going to get rid of it in the coming years when it needs to be replaced. However, it is important to consider the end-life of any fence you install, because sooner or later it's going to be an issue you have to contend with.

While many fencing materials can be recycled when it's time to get rid of them, no materials are easier to recycle than aluminum fencing. Aluminum can be taken to any scrap yard or recycling center, and there's often a hefty fee for those who turn the fencing over to be remade into something else.

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #6: Lightweight

Aluminum, as anyone who's ever handled it, is fairly light when compared with other metals. This is a huge boon to anyone installing an aluminum fence, but it also helps save on transportation costs. Additionally, for its weight, aluminum is quite strong for a fence material.

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #7: Low Maintenance

Different materials require different amounts of upkeep in order to keep them in prime condition. Wood fences, for instance, require regular painting, staining, and other applications to make sure they stay strong over the years. Iron fences need to have rust sanded off, and they have to be given proper coatings to make sure the elements are kept at bay. But after installing an aluminum fence, it requires almost no attention on behalf of their owners.

Aside from an occasional cleaning, and restoring the paint if it becomes necessary, there's almost nothing that has to be done to an aluminum fence. Once it's installed, there's very little that will wear away at these fences.

Advantage of Installing an Aluminum Fence #8: Rackable Fences

If you have property with slopes on it, you likely know the difficulties that come with installing fences. A rackable fence is what you need, since these fences are specifically designed with the slope of the ground in mind. Installing an aluminum fence allows you to easily handle these challenges, and it's why they're commonly used by those who have hilly land, but who still want to have that land reliably fenced off.

These are, of course, just a few of the advantages that come with installing an aluminum fence. If you'd like more information, or to talk to an expert about whether or not an aluminum fence is the right choice for your needs, simply contact us today. Lastly, if you want to see how easy installing an aluminum fence can be, check out this video!