A Fence Supply Firm You Can Count On

Choosing the right fence supply firm is one of the most underappreciated decisions a homeowner or business owner has to make. A good fence protects the property from burglars and trespassers, keeps children and pets safe, and provides a definitive and aesthetically-appealing boundary to the property. A bad fence can leave you with termites, high maintenance costs, liability risks, or worse. 

Choose a fence supply company you know you can count on. Fencing Direct has been in the business of fencing for decades. We are one of the most established and well-regarded fencing companies in the country. Our team of qualified experts is eager to help you find the products that best suit your tastes and needs. We aim to ensure your experience is as easy and pleasant as possible. We are always there to answer questions and provide timely responses to all inquiries. 

Large retail stores, however, often lack the individual specifications and customer service we provide. Plus, we deliver right to your door, often for free! Check out our huge fence supply, ranging from aluminum to vinyl to chain link – all at affordable prices. 

To learn more about our products, give us a call today. We would be happy to help you determine what works best for your property. Also be sure to try our new, state-of-the-art Fence Builder tool, which will let you compare quantities and prices on our fence supply. 

High-quality fence supply at an affordable price

We understand price is important for most of our customers. That’s why we make our fence supply prices low while still providing secure, high-quality fence products. Whether you’re looking to get a commercial aluminum fence for your business or property or a regulation chain-link fence for your pool, our fencing is fairly priced. 

When looking for a fence within your budget, our Fence Builder tool makes comparing prices easy. Simply choose the number of fencing products you need, and our online tool will show you the price. That way you can be sure there will be no surprises when you’re ready to make a purchase. You can also call or email us to check on availability and shipping price.

For better prices on specific items, take a look at our Clearance Center page. We list discounted items and canceled jobs we’re selling a large discount, often far below the market price. 

Investing in a great fence

A fence, like any other part of your home or landscape, is an investment. It can raise your property value, impress your neighbors, and add to the aesthetic of your yard. When building a fencing budget, it’s important to consider the long-term costs associated with the fence supply product you choose. Some fences have a higher upfront cost but may save you money in the long run with reduced maintenance costs. 

For example, wood fences tend to be cheaper than vinyl upfront, but they often need to be stained, repainted, or repaired within a few years. Wood fences are also vulnerable to rot and termites, which may require the homeowner to replace the entire fence. That’s why we sell vinyl rather than wood fences. 

Aluminum and chain link fence products also have very low long-term maintenance costs. We prefer aluminum to wrought iron or steel because aluminum is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It also lacks any ugly brackets or unnecessary add-ons. And unlike an ornamental steel or wrought iron fence, an aluminum fence does not need to be painted. 

Our extensive fence supply inventory

We offer more than 2000 fence supply products on our website to choose from. When deciding what kind of fence to get, the first thing you should consider is the purpose of the fence. Are you primarily looking to protect your property from human or animal intruders, or are you more concerned about keeping loved ones – both human and furry – inside? 

If you want to keep out human intruders, a high aluminum fence with spikes at the top is a good choice. Aluminum fences typically keep deer and other larger animals outside but may allow smaller animals such as rabbits or skunks to come in. A privacy vinyl fence is a better bet if you want to keep certain small animals outside (or inside) your property. 

A chain-link fence that meets BOCA requirements is a good option for pools, as is aluminum. Chain link is an affordable option for businesses or homeowner with a large property to fence off. If you are a homeowner, however, be sure to check with your local home owner’s association rules to ensure they permit the kind of fencing you intend to install. 

We offer a wide range of variations and individual parts. Each fencing material comes with several different color, size, and style options designed to meet different tastes and needs. You also want to purchase accessories, such as gates, latches, or privacy slats. Consult our individual fence supply pages or our Fence Builder tool for more information about each kind of fence. If you need additional assistance, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Matching your fence to your landscape

Every property is unique. Different kinds of fencing and different designs work better on some properties than others. An aluminum fence can give your property a subtle regal touch, for instance, while a vinyl picket fence will give your property a classic, all-American feel. 

Some customers choose to landscape around their fence. For example, homeowners who purchase an aluminum fence for their yard sometimes plant evergreens along the boundary to provide a greater degree of privacy. If privacy is a major concern for you, we also sell privacy slats that prevent outsiders from seeing through the fence. 

You may also want to consider the style of your home. If your home has a simple and modern design, you might want to go for a plain fence design, like the classic Norfolk privacy vinyl fence or the Bradford black aluminum fence. Customers with a more ornate style of home may want to go for a more ornate fence style. 

The fence itself can also add its own flair to the home. For instance, the Harrington privacy lattice vinyl fence can give an average suburban home the feel of a warm and airy summer cottage. 

To find out more about matching the style of fence to your home, contact us today. Our team of experienced experts will help you decide how best to make your fence blend into and compliment your existing landscape. 

Fence supply for pools

Many people never consider the inherent risk pools pose. Anywhere there is a pool of a certain depth, there is the risk of young children or poor swimmers drowning. 

Fencing is a convenient way to keep young children from accessing pools without adult supervision. State regulation typically requires that pools at least 18 inches deep be surrounded by a fence. Even on private property, pool owners without a fence could in some cases be held accountable for accidental drownings that occur in their pool. 

There are also specific BOCA regulations pool fences must meet. For example, pool fences have to be at least 48 inches high and offer a gate that latches automatically. But you’re in luck. We offer chain link and aluminum fences that meet all BOCA pool regulations. Find out more on our products pages. 

Porch railing fence supply

We provide both vinyl and aluminum porch railing for residential and commercial use. Our white vinyl porch railing fence products are 36 inches high and come in 6 or 8 foot-long segments. They are weather-resistant and reinforced with strong top and bottom aluminum stiffeners to provide additional security. 

Our aluminum porch fence railing is available in four styles. You can choose between 36-inch and 42-inch high railing, depending on your individual needs. Railings come with a black or white powder finish. If you choose to purchase aluminum railings, be sure to purchase the posts and fittings separately, unless you plan to use your own accessories. 

Vinyl and aluminum are both excellent choices for porches. Regardless of which material you choose, our fence products meet most regulations and specifications. Before installing, however, double-check the regulations for your area. 

Dog kennels

Not all fencing is for humans. Allow your dogs to enjoy the great outdoors even when you’re not around to watch them. Invest in some dog kennel fencing to give your pets a safe place to stay while outside. Our dog kennels are also perfect for any business that takes care of dogs. 

We offer several different dog kennel fence supply options and sizes, all of which are sturdy and portable. The fencing is made of durable, rust-resistant metal and comes equipped with a pinch-proof gate that opens left to right. Our kennels also come with a SunBlock top to keep your dogs cool on warm, sunny days. 

Our dog kennels are ideal for patios, porches, and yards, but they can be set up and moved virtually anywhere. The parts are shipped within 2-3 days and can be assembled in less than an hour. To learn more, visit the dog kennel page on our website. 

Commercial fence supply

Fences aren’t just necessary for homeowners. Our fence supply products have a range of commercial uses as well, from daycare facilities and schools to restaurants and retail stories to ballparks and playgrounds. 

A commercial fence has many uses. It can provide your employees and customers with security while keeping trespassers out and reducing liability. It may also play a role in adding to your business’s appearance and drawing in new clients. 

We offer commercial chain link and aluminum fences. Customers looking to fence off a large area at a low cost might consider a chain link fence. Businesses looking to increase their curb appeal and attract new customers may prefer one of our beautiful aluminum fences. Both options require very little maintenance in the long run while providing excellent security. 

Whatever your commercial needs may be, we are here to address them. Though the majority of our business is residential and light commercial, we can provide you with a quote on heavy commercial fencing projects anywhere in the world. Our staff has decades of experience in the industry and would be happy to provide you with CAD drawings and professional proposals. 

Delivery straight to your property

All of our products can be delivered straight from the manufacturing facility to your property. Since most of our products are made in the U.S., this saves you time and money. In fact, we offer free delivery for most of our products.  

Order delivery times vary based on the size of the order and the type of fence. Most of our products are shipped within 10 business days, but custom orders can take up to 3 weeks and quick ship items are shipped in about 5 days. 

Most orders are shipped using a freight company, which is responsible for contacting you the day before delivery to set an approximate delivery time. Before you sign the shipping documents, be sure to inspect all fence supply products to make sure you received your entire order damage-free. 

If damages or shortages do occur, note the damages on the delivery documents and file a claim. Take a photo, if possible, of the damages to file with the claim. Our customer service team will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

If you wish to return an item for any reason other than damages or shortages, contact customer service within 30 days. Returns must be approved and may be subject to a restocking fee of 15 to 25 percent. For more information, please consult the shipping and return policy page on our website or give us a call. 

Installing your fence supply products

The fun part comes after you receive the fence supply products. Some customers choose to hire a handyman or landscaper to install the fence for them. Handy homeowners or business owners with some spare time on their hands may choose to install the fence themselves. 

Before installation, however, make sure you look up local regulations and codes. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to uninstall your fence and start over. According to state law, you must also call underground utilities to have your utilities located and marked before you start digging. 

Check out our videos and tutorials online explaining how to install different kinds of fences. Our team of trained professionals is ready to answer any questions you may have over the phone and guide you through the process.