Adding Decorative Screens to Railings

Railings need to balance potentially competing interests: strength, aesthetics, and privacy. Sometimes, it makes sense to choose one or two and sacrifice other qualities. Barbed wire represents one extreme end of the spectrum, while wooden panel fences value completely different elements. For residential railings, homeowners need to strike a balance between looks, privacy, and safety. Within this realm, height, material, and pattern all represent different directions to take. 

Decorative screen panels create a wide range of possibilities for a railing. Clearly, they can set the aesthetic tone for a yard and a home. With a wide range of patterns available from traditional to modern, panels can complement the design and landscaping of a property. Beyond simply enhancing the existing decor, screen panels can serve as the focal point or statement piece for a space, defining its ethos. Even more, screens can be the backboard for other decorations like plants, artwork, and anything else that might hang nicely. With any 3’ x 6’ screen fitting within railings, you have the versatility to use the screens where you need them most.

In terms of practical qualities, screens’ ability to provide privacy is another main draw. They delineate space in an artful yet structurally important way. Within a railing on a porch, screens can limit visibility from the street and sidewalk. Screens can also be useful in defining the boundaries of a space, giving it a more closed-in and intimate feel.

Finally, our screens meet important safety requirements found in building codes. They can help prevent injury through falls or other accidents. They have high hit ratings, which measure the force that they can withstand. This means that our screens are measurably strong and durable.

Check out our website for a list of potential railing screen solutions. We’re confident our assortment will meet whatever design needs you have.