Are Your Porch Railings Ready for Summer?

Summer is here, and with the coming of summer comes all the backyard fun that summer brings. Whether you are entertaining company with a barbecue or bonfire or your kids are running around and playing on the porch and backyard, your porch railings will an important part of countless summer activities and excitement. You will want to consider the state of your porch and specifically the state of your porch railings. Do they need repair? Are your current porch railings doing the best they can be to provide your family and friends the security and utility needed for a fun and safe summer? Let's take a look at some important considerations when it comes to the state of your porch railing this summer. We hope you find this a helpful resource as you prepare your porch for the coming summer months. 

Is Safety an Issue When it Comes to Your Porch Railings?

If your railings are starting to feel a little loose or wobbly or if areas of the wood are starting to rot, it is time to repair your railings. If you are currently using wood railings you may even want to consider switching over to aluminum. Aluminum railings are much more durable and require less maintenance which makes them safer in the long run. Fencing Direct offers a great selection of aluminum railings for your fence repair needs. 

Another important consideration in the area of porch safety is the height of your railing. If your railing is too low, then they can easily become a safety hazard as people will be more likely to fall over the edge. A good rule of thumb when it comes to railing height is that your railings be about waist high. This will help them be as safe as possible while not being too high as to be an annoyance or inconvenience. 

You will also want to consider railing spacing when it comes to the safety of your porch. If the spacing is too far apart it can become a safety hazard due to the risk of small children slipping through and falling to the ground below. It is important to check your porch to ensure that there are no safety issues in this area and if need be, fix the spacing of your porch railing. Fixing this issue will give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your summer without needing to worry about the safety of your children or guests. 

Is Privacy an Issue When it Comes to Your Porch Railings?

Another important consideration when it comes to your porch this summer is what are you going to be using it for? If you use it primarily for visiting with family or friends then privacy probably will not be a problem for you. If you have items that are a little more expensive that you keep on your porch or if your children spend a lot of time alone out there then you might want to consider having railings that give you a little more privacy. 

Wood Porch Railings vs Aluminum Porch Railings

If you currently have wood railings on your porch, it might be a good time to consider the benefits of aluminum over wood. Here are a few important items for you to consider as you repair your railings this summer:

  • Less Maintenance: Wood tends to wear down and rot over time, causing you to need to perform routine maintenance to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your porch. On the other hand, aluminum can last a long time due to it being a non-ferrous metal, meaning it is not prone to rust or corrosion. It is also stronger over time against the wear and tear of the elements in a way that wood simply is not. Wood railings also need the occasional re-painting whereas powder coated aluminum railings will withstand the test of time with little to no maintenance.
  • Lower Cost: An aluminum railing will cost you more upfront but it is a worthwhile investment. You will save countless dollars on maintenance cost as aluminum railings do not require the frequent upkeep that wood railings do. 
  • Aluminum Railings Look Better: With an aluminum railing, you get a sleeker, more modern look that is easily adapted to your personal preference and style. If you want a stylish and classy look that will withstand the test of time, aluminum railings are the solution for you. 

Porch Railings for Any Need

Whatever your railing needs are this summer, Fencing Direct has you covered. With a great selection of aluminum railings, we are your source for your DIY railing repair needs. You will want to make sure your porch is ready for the fun times it will hold this summer. If your porch needs any work in the area of safety or privacy or anything else, then be sure you do any needed repair to ensure that it is the perfect place for your family and loved ones to pass the summer days.

If you have any questions about porch railings or if you want to know about any of the other fencing solutions we offer, please be sure to contact us. We look forward to taking care of all your fencing needs.