Consider an 8-Foot Vinyl Privacy Fence

If you’ve got a yard, then the chances are good that it has a fence around it.  What kind of fence you choose to enclose your yard can make a real difference, not just in appearance but in how much privacy and protection the fence provides. Whether you have large dogs you’re trying to prevent from escaping, if you have neighbors and a swimming pool or if you want to delineate your own space in a way that is attractive and effective for providing the kind of security and privacy you need, it’s important to know what kind of fence will provide you the best bang for your buck.  At Fencing Direct, we can help you plan and implement your perfect fence solution.  

One great choice for fencing is an 8-foot vinyl fence made of attractive and durable PVC materials. These sturdy fences are great for a lot of different applications.  In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why an 8-foot vinyl privacy fence might be a good choice.  

Enhanced Privacy

An 8-foot vinyl fence provides a lot more privacy than a chain link fence ever could. If you’ve got nosy neighbors, you might be worried about them sneaking glimpses of you enjoying your swimming pool or other backyard activity. An 8-foot privacy fence makes it impossible for even your tallest neighbor to look over into your yard – unless that neighbor is persistent!  Thus, an 8-foot-tall vinyl privacy fence is the perfect solution for creating a private oasis in your yard.  

But that’s not the only thing that makes these fences great for privacy.  If you have a business that stores a lot of sensitive or valuable equipment outside, you don’t want potential thieves getting a glimpse of the good stuff. An 8-foot-tall vinyl privacy fence not only prevents potential ne’er-do-wells from seeing your equipment, they’re also tough to climb, making them great options for adding not only privacy, but security to your yard equipment.  

If you live in a rural area, you might be worried about wildlife like coyotes entering your yard.  An 8-foot-tall vinyl fence is a good barrier for preventing dangerous or annoying critters from invading your space. You’ll be able to plant that garden or landscape your yard to your heart’s content, secure in the knowledge that no wildlife can come in and ruin your hard work.  


An 8-foot-tall vinyl privacy fence is a convenient fencing option.  Vinyl is more durable than wood and requires less maintenance to maintain an attractive appearance. It’s more secure than chain link – taller and much more difficult to climb.  And there are other applications where a vinyl fence is a great option.

For example, if you manage an apartment complex, you might be looking for a practical way to enclose not just the boundaries of the property itself, but also things like your communal dumpster enclosure. An 8-foot vinyl fence is a great option for enclosing dumpsters. Once again, the practicality of a secure fence that can’t be climbed comes into play. Racoons and other critters won’t get into your dumpsters, and you’ll be able to control who comes in and out more generally. The standard dumpster size is six feet tall, so an eight foot vinyl privacy fence with two 10-foot double gates would be the perfect size to provide a practical privacy option.These gates can be equipped with a taller drop rod, allowing the gate to be securely locked in place once the rod is dropped into the ground.  


An 8-foot-tall vinyl privacy fence provides a sleek, attractive solution to your fencing needs. The solid, clean look of a vinyl fence can be much more pleasing to the eye than the metallic jangle of chain link, and the durability and low maintenance of a vinyl fence mean that it’ll retain its attractive look with minimal effort. And vinyl fences are highly customizable, allowing you to get the look you want to match your aesthetic.  

With all of these reasons for choosing a vinyl privacy fence, why not look at your options today?  Here at Fencing Direct, we’ve got a great selection of vinyl fences at competitive prices, and we’d love to help you get started on your fencing project.