Chain Link Fence Parts for You


Chain link fence parts have been at the foundation of America’s construction industry for decades. The durability and strength of chain link fences keep our properties secure, our kids and pets safe, and our land protected. The affordability of chain link makes it ubiquitous in American cities and suburbs. Look around and you’ll see it all over the place – at schoolyards, pools, dog parks, playgrounds, yards, and many more places. 

But chain link isn’t just for public spaces. Property owners are equally drawn to the strength, durability, and affordability of chain link fence parts. At Fencing Direct, we understand the importance of finding the right fencing material for your property. If you think a chain link fence might be right for your property, contact us. We would be happy to help you find the best option for your home, business, or municipality. 

What are the chain link fence parts? 

Chain Link Fabric

Chain link fabric, also called wire netting or a wire-mesh fence, refers to the specific fencing pattern that comes from weaving together a series of steel wires into a diamond-like pattern. The mesh pattern makes the chain link fabric particularly strong and allows a clear line of sight to the other side. The material of chain link fence parts is usually galvanized steel, which is durable and slow to rush. 

Chain Link Frames

The chain link mesh is attached to a tube-shaped galvanized steel frame, which forms the backbone of the fence. The frame is made up of a top rail, terminal posts, and line posts. Fittings attach the chain link mesh to the frame. The terminal and line posts are often placed in concrete feet, which are then buried in the ground to ensure the fence remains strong.  

Chain Link Gauge

Though all chain link fabric may look similar, they each of individual properties, not least of which is size. Obviously, the height of chain link fences varies, as does the gauge. When you hear the word “gauge,” it refers to the diameter of the individual wires that are woven together to create the mesh pattern. The width of the holes between the wires also varies. The most common width is 2 inches, but chain link fences placed around pools often require 1 ¼ inch mesh for safety reasons. 

Chain link versus wood fencing

Chain link fences have many advantages over other forms of fencing. Chain link fence parts tend to be less expensive and easier to install than other fence materials. Unlike wood fences, which are installed one wood panel at a time, chain link fence parts come in pre-made sections already interlocked with the fence posts. 

Once installed, chain link fences require very little maintenance. Wood fencing, on the other hand, tends to be more expensive and requires monitoring to ensure the wood does not harbor mildew or termites. Every few years, wood fencing may also need to be repainted or stained, while chain link fence parts can be left as they are. 

Chain link is also popular because they allow people to see through to the other side. While homeowners concerned about privacy might prefer a wood fence, homeowners wishing to see outside their property while keeping children and pets inside may prefer chain link. Some property owners choose to install evergreen plants or vines in front of a chain link fence to provide a measure of security while retaining the benefits of the material. 

Chain link versus aluminum fencing

Chain link and aluminum fencing both provide a measure of security while still maintaining clear visibility. Both require little maintenance and are slow to rust and corrode, and both are fairly durable and strong. Chain link fence parts, however, are significantly less expensive and easier to install than aluminum fencing. This may mean that chain link is a better option for property owners looking to install fencing along a large perimeter.  

Some homeowners prefer the look and the number of options aluminum fencing provides, while others place more weight on the affordability of chain link fence parts. If you are unsure which type of fencing is best for your property, give us a call. A trained professional will answer your questions and give you the guidance you need to make an informed decision. 

Maximizing durability and strength

Another advantage of chain link fence parts is their durability and strength. The woven pattern of galvanized steel chain link provides an excellent deterrent to intruders while keeping visibility open. Homeowners with large properties may wish to use the material to keep trespassers out or protect plants from deer and other animals. 

The material itself also has advantages. The process of galvanization, which involves coating steel with a layer of zinc by passing it through molten zinc at a high temperature, makes the material strong and resistant to corrosion and rust. Unlike wood, galvanized steel does not have to deal with issues such as rot or termites. Expect galvanized chain link fence parts to last upwards of 20 years with little or no maintenance. 

Residential chain link fence parts

Chain link fences are an excellent choice for many homeowners looking to make their properties a little more secure but not looking to break the budget. Because of chain link’s low cost and high durability, it is a good choice for property owners who want to fence in a large area. If you have a large yard or property and want to keep your children and pets inside and trespassers or deer outside, chain link is an easy and affordable option. 

Our chain link fence parts are available in galvanized steel or color. The material for both is the same, but the colored fences provide an extra layer of protective black PVC, which does more to prevent rust and corrosion. Our residential chain link fence parts come in a variety of heights – 42, 48, 60, or 72 inches – based on your individual needs. Homeowners especially concerned about security often choose a height of 60 or 72 inches, while homeowners looking for an unobtrusive, less noticeable option may choose the 42- or 48-inch option. Regardless of the height, our fences have a 2-inch mesh and 9-inch gauge. 

Residential pool fence parts

Chain link fences are the most common form of fencing around pools. Any public or private pool poses a serious drowning risk, particularly for unsupervised young children. Proper chain link fencing lowers this risk substantially while maintaining a clear line of sight from the outside area to the pool. 

In order to ensure fencing prevents children from getting inside without adult supervision, the government imposes certain regulations. Additionally, latches on gates are designed in a way that children two years old and younger cannot open them. Gates must close and latch automatically and should open outwards away from the pool. 

Our pool code chain link fence parts have 1 ¼ inch mesh and 11-inch gauge. The height can be 48, 60, or 72 inches high. 48 inches is standard for most pools, but homeowners seeking extra protection may prefer the 60- or 72-inch options. The fence parts come in a 50-foot roll that is knuckled at the top and bottom. All of our pool parts are galvanized with a .080 core wire coated with black PVC to prevent rust and corrosion. The chain link fabric also meets BOCA swimming pool code specifications. 

If you are ordering chain link fence or chian link fence parts for a pool fence, check you local regulations before placing the order to ensure that your project will meet state and local codes.

Commercial chain link fence parts 

Chain link fences are also a good choice for many small businesses or municipalities looking for an inexpensive and durable fencing option. Whether your small business requires fencing around a parking lot or property, or if your municipality requires fencing around a ballpark or pool, we can provide the necessary chain link fence parts to do the job. 

Like our residential chain link fence parts, you can order galvanized or color chain link. Both are highly resistant to rust and corrosion and require little to no maintenance. Our commercial fence parts are 48, 60, or 72 inches high. Our galvanized chain link fences have a 2-inch mesh and 9-inch gauge, while our color chain link fences have a 2-inch mesh and 8-inch gauge. They come in a 50-foot roll with a twisted top and knuckle bottom. All of our fences meet ASTM requirements. We meet industrial and federal specification projects on a job by job basis. 

Finding the right material for your chain link fence parts

Chain link fences can last for at least 20 years, and one built with high-quality materials can last even longer. Finding the right chain link fence parts means finding the right material. To get the most life and strength out of your fence, invest in the highest quality galvanized steel available, which Fencing Direct provides. 

All of our chain link is galvanized steel, a material that prevents rust and corrosion. For extra protection, however, some people choose to buy color chain link. The extra layer of black PVC further protects against rust and corrosion. Some customers also find the black coat gives the chain link a more sophisticated and less rugged appearance. 

How to make a chain link fence blend into your landscape

Some people think chain link fencing can give a property a grim or stark look. While chain link may seem dull, the clean pattern and open visibility can actually give a property a sense of structure and openness. With a little bit of planning, a chain link fence will blend nicely into your landscape. 

Many homeowners choose to plant flowers, shrubs, or other greenery along the border of their property in order to draw attention away from the fencing. This is especially effective if you want to give the sense that the edge of your property meshes with the greenery that is beyond your yard. Chain link fences also provide an excellent opportunity for certain vines and twiners, which grow up the chain link fence parts and give the material new life. Common plant choices for this landscaping technique include passion fruit, honeysuckle, and wisteria. 

Some homeowners choose to add wood, vinyl, or plastic slats to their chain link fences in order to provide more privacy. These slats can make the fence appear solid and prevent people on the outside from seeing into your yard. They come in a variety of types and colors and can add some life to your property. You may also choose to paint your chain link fence parts directly, which will give your property a modern and artsy look.  

Ordering your chain link fence parts

Due to vendor restraints, chain link fence parts can only be shipped to certain parts of the country. Additionally, you must be able to take delivery on a 40-foot tractor trailer. This applies to both residential and commercial fencing. Please check with us to see if your parts can be delivered to your region before ordering. We would also love to discuss the fencing options with you and help you determine which fencing option is best for you. 

Chain link fence installation

After your chain link fence parts are delivered, it’s time to install them in the desired spot. Some customers choose to hire a handyman to install the fence for them, but handy homeowners or business owners with a few hours to spare can do the job. 

Before you start installing, be sure to check to see if you need any local permits. You must also call to have underground utilities marked before you start digging. Consult our tutorial videos and instructions online for information on how to install. If you need additional help, call us and an experienced employee will assist you through your questions.