Does Vinyl Fencing Add to the Value of a Home?

For every dollar you spend on a vinyl fence, an estimated 50 cents can go back in your pocket in added home value. The extensive benefits of vinyl fencing - durability, aesthetic value, little maintenance requirements, and other advantages consistently make installation a worthwhile investment. At Fencing Direct, we deliver all the quality materials you need right to your door with significant savings and FREE shipping. 

Here are the reasons why a vinyl fence should top your to-do list of home improvement projects:

  • Durability: Vinyl fences don’t break down or rot like wood and stone fencing. They can last up to 100 years while wood fences typically break down and need replacement before the 20 year mark.
  • Overall cost: While vinyl fences have an initial investment, the lifespan and low maintenance requirements mean you won’t be dipping back into your wallet to repair or replace your fence anytime soon.
  • Aesthetic value: a vinyl fence can pull a yard together. It can enhance the look and feel of your house, your landscaping, pool, and other yard features with elegance and charm. 
  • Privacy: relax and play in comfort with only the company you invite. Maximize privacy and boost the solitude of your space.
  • Safety: keep your space yours. A sturdy vinyl fence provides a barrier between you, your family, and the outside world. Keep children and pets safe and contained with clearly defined boundaries to your yard. 
  • Easy installation: compared to wood, iron, or any more difficult material, installing a vinyl fence is a manageable and straightforward task. More, Fencing Direct has experts with years of experience to walk you through the process. 


Why Vinyl Fencing Adds Home Value


Vinyl outcompetes other fence materials in its durability, strength, and flexibility. Vinyl fencing can prove up to five times as strong as its wooden counterparts. It doesn’t absorb moisture so that it can survive years of storms, sprinklers, and freeze-thaw. Wood fencing consistently breaks down under these weathering pressures that vinyl fencing easily endures. You won’t see rotting, stains, mold, and other eyesores that appear relatively quickly into the lifespan of other fences. Pests like termites, ants, and beetles that plague wooden fences and homes have no interest in vinyl fencing. It won’t rust like iron fencing or peel like the paint on other fence varieties. 

Despite its strength, vinyl proves remarkably flexible. Its flexibility becomes especially important in climates where severe storms, wind, and winters can take a toll on anything left outside. When weather happens, vinyl fencing has the give to bounce back and remain in its place. This resilience means vinyl fence owners spend much less money on weather-related repairs that can cost up to thousands of dollars. Given its flexibility, it’s often used in floors, siding, and upholstery. 


The beauty of a home is not only of value to its current residents but also to its prospective buyers as well. Real estate agents use the term “curb appeal” to denote a property’s initial attractiveness to interested buyers. Fences are often one of the first features that buyers notice, making it especially important that their aesthetic qualities enhance the overall beauty of the house.

Vinyl fences often offer the best curb appeal given their clean, polished, enduring look. The show little wear and tear and frequently appear like-new years after their installation. This means that even for those looking to maintain their residence in the foreseeable future, vinyl fencing can prove a worthy investment years down the line. More, when owners do decide to sell, they rarely have to pay for paint, panel replacement, and other staging costs that quickly add up.

Beyond their stand-alone beauty, vinyl fences tie a yard together. They can accent landscaping, complement structures, and add color and character to any yard. At Fencing Direct, our wide selection offers the right fence for any aesthetic. Picket, post and rail, privacy fences - you’ll have no problem finding the right match for your yard and style. Match your fence to an existing shed, gazebo, or other yard feature to create a cohesive and tasteful ambiance.


Vinyl’s beauty doesn’t sacrifice in the realm of practicality. SafeWise’s No. 2 way to burglar-proof your backyard is a strong, tough-to-climb fence. Vinyl fencing can prove particularly hard to scale, and its strength has already been well discussed above. Scaling the smooth surface of vinyl can prove a formidable task. More than keeping intruders out, privacy fences can shield your important belongings from view. Taller vinyl fences do especially well to screen your yard and windows from prying eyes. 

Beyond keeping your property safe, vinyl fencing is the best choice to protect what truly matters - your loved ones. Vinyl is widely regarded as stronger than wood but doesn’t splinter, keeping your children and pets safe and contained without the risks inherent in wood. Vinyl is non-toxic and doesn’t need to be treated with harmful chemicals. Choose exactly the degree of protection you want with Fencing Direct’s many height, visibility, and style options. 

However You Define Value, Vinyl Fencing Stacks Up

Whether value means sheer monetary resale value or the increase in quality of life, vinyl fencing maximizes the benefits to your home while outlasting and outperforming its competitors. It offers peace-of-mind in its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. The life of vinyl fences go far beyond that of wood, meaning you’ll save big on future replacement and repair costs. If value equates to beauty, the customizable looks of vinyl fencing add style and distinction to any space. If value means keeping safe your possessions and family members, vinyl’s strength, durability and flexibility offer the highest quality product per dollar. Fencing Direct, backed by one of the country’s biggest fencing groups, ships quality products with a large selection and years of expertise to help you every step of the way. Check out our Fence Builder feature to plan everything you’ll need, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our award-winning customer service with any questions.