Don’t have a yard fence? You should.

There are many benefits of fencing in your yard, from curb appeal to privacy and security. Every house should have a yard fence around it.

Reasons to Get a Yard Fence

A good yard fence can somehow just make every property look better. It is the typical picture of the American Dream for a reason: a nice white picket fence is the cherry on top for your house and yard.

Yard fences break up the sightlines for the areas around your property, adding a new dimension, a new pattern, a new feature to contribute to the overall view of the house. You can complement a modern house with a modern fence, and an older house with a more traditional looking fence. It also helps prevent the house from sticking out like a thumb, having sprung up from the bare ground. Maybe increased curb appeal is what they mean by “Good fences make good neighbors.” 

Fences provide great amounts of privacy for people on the property. If you live on a busy street, you probably don’t want countless strangers eyeing you or your house all day. Fences around a yard are also a great way to reduce noise that might come from a busy road. 

Security is another great reason to have a yard fence installed. Having a fence with a lockable gate is just great for peace of mind — you don’t ever have to worry about strangers poking about your yard, daytime or night, and it provides another layer of security over your front door.

Yard fences are also a great way to keep kids and/or pets on your property without much worry. I think most dogs would prefer having a fenced-in backyard to run around in over being let outside on a leash. And while you might not be able to let the young ones out without any supervision, at least you don’t have to worry about them running out onto the street. 

Yard Fence Options

So you want to put up a fence in your yard, what’s next? Well, this is the exciting part. There are so many options for fencing, and with that flexibility, you can be sure that there are at least a few combinations that would look and work great in your yard. First, where are you going to put the fencing? Around the perimeter of the property, around the pool, around your garden, etc. 

How high should it be? Well, if you’re going for privacy, you obviously want it higher, probably higher than eye level. If, on the other hand, you want to show off your beautiful house, yard, or garden, there are plenty of options for shorter, see-through fences, like the typical white picket fence. But there are other options too, like a slatted cast iron fence, or wire filling space between wooden frames. 

Speaking of wooden, material is probably the aspect of the fence with the most options and variations. Many different types of wood, cast iron, and aluminum, PVC and vinyl, different types of stone, chain link, bamboo, the list of viable materials goes on. They each serve different purposes for different needs. You might put up a chain link fence around a pool if you already have a yard fence and just want to secure the area while being able to see through it to keep an eye on the kids. PVC and vinyl fences look great while requiring very little maintenance, and even though they’re plastic, they can really look great, and you could stain or paint it however you want. Bamboo gives off natural and modern vibes, while stone fences tend to be natural and rustic looking, but honestly, you could flip that depending on how you use them. 

Metal and PVC fences have their benefits, too. Cast iron fencing is a great way to class up a nice property, creating a nice kind of Victorian feel for the yard and house. Plastic is great if you want to just install it and forget it. There’s a range of quality, but you can get some great looking stuff with almost no upkeep required. 

By now the choice to build a yard fence should be obvious, and hopefully you learned a thing or two to get you started in picking one out for yourself. They provide great curb appeal, for you and your neighbors, security, and privacy. It’s really a no brainer: the question is more about what kind of yard fence do I want?