Fencing Direct Offers Hurricane Relief

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated many homes and businesses. Fencing Direct is ready to help rebuilding homeowners with SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on any order for hurricane victims in addition to our standard FAST, FREE FREIGHT. Fencing Direct wants to help you avoid these common issues caused by disasters.

Price gouging

We’ve all seen the stories during the big storms about opportunists taking advantage of those stuck in the hurricanes’ paths. Scammers use disasters as excuses to jack up prices. You often have no choice but to pay. Price gouging can happen after a storm as well, as scammers rush in like a swarm of locusts to charge far too much for poor-quality goods and services.

Shopping with Fencing Direct, don’t need to worry about getting scammed. Fencing Direct sells the same stock of high-quality fencing materials before, during and after a storm. You’ll find the same LOW PRICES on our website two months after disaster strikes as two months before it struck. In fact, in response to the dire situations of homeowners in the affected areas, Fencing Direct is lowering its prices with SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for those in need of help rebuilding.

Aside from gouging, hurricanes and disasters drive up prices in other ways. Gas shortages increase the price of shipping, which gets passed on to you. Local contractors may be fully booked for months or more because so many people need repair work. You could go fenceless for a long time before that construction capacity comes back.

Rather than waiting, you can do it yourself with Fencing Direct’s help. Fencing Direct LOW PRICES are set based on national demand, not local demand. And Fencing Direct always offers FREE DELIVERY, so you know that local problems aren’t increasing prices. With Fencing Direct’s easy-to-use tutorial videos and the help of some friends and family, you can have your new fence built in a weekend.

Rotting Wood Fences

Wood fences are notoriously difficult to maintain. You have to give them special treatments and stains to protect against insects, the wind, the sun and the elements in general. Moisture is the biggest threat to a wood fence. It leads to rot and decay that render the fence unusable. Even if a wood fence gets the best maintenance possible, it won’t survive sustained exposure to floodwaters. Even if it somehow withstood the soaking above ground, the moisture in the soil will eat away at the underground parts of the fence.

You can avoid future worries about flooding damaging your fences by replacing your soaked-to-the-core wood fence with a vinyl fence. Because they don’t have organic material, vinyl fences do not rot or decay. The worst effect water can have on a vinyl fence is mold, and you can wipe that off with a sponge. Fencing Direct’s LOW PRICES and FREE SHIPPING mean you can swap their decaying fence for a vinyl one quickly, easily and inexpensively. Fencing Direct’s PRODUCT LIFETIME WARRANTIES mean peace of mind when it comes to the elements.

Washed-Away or Blown-Away Fences

You might have returned from evacuation to find yourself without a fence at all. Fences with large surface areas, like privacy fences, take the full force of high winds or rushing floodwaters. They don’t allow force to pass through, so the panels are essentially sails. That puts extreme pressure on the posts. Once one post breaks, the other posts are under greater strain. You might get a cascading failure that sends the whole fence flying or floating away.

If you found yourself suddenly fenceless, you can turn to Fencing Direct. An aluminum picket fence gives a sense of security and property definition, but will allow wind and water to pass through the pickets. You won’t have to worry about storms blowing it away. With FREE DELIVERY, you can completely replace your fence without paying through the nose.

Rusting chain-link fences

Chain-link fences are great for security and have a low price point, but they are vulnerable to water damage. Rust and corrosion can severely damage a chain-link fence and leave you searching for other solutions. A chain-link fence that’s been subjected to floodwaters is likely to start the rusting process soon after the flooding ends.

Want to retain the secure look of a chain-link fence without having to worry about rusting after floods? An aluminum ornamental fence is the answer. Aluminum fences are rust-resistant because of their powder coatings, and Fencing Direct’s aluminum fences come with PRODUCT LIFETIME WARRANTIES, so you can rest easy knowing your fence is taken care.

Wind-damaged fences

Wind damage is probably the most common type of storm damage for fencing, especially for wood fencing. Hurricanes rip overhanging limbs out of trees and send them crashing through wood fences. The ferocious gusts find any weakness in a wooden fence and pull loose posts or damaged boards out with ease. Additionally, the fence takes damage from flying debris that’s all over the place during a hurricane. You may look at a patchwork mess of wood and splinters after a storm and wonder whether it’s even worth repairing. The next storm might do the same.

Fencing Direct has a solution. PVC vinyl fences are designed to withstand high winds, and they’re durable to boot. Vinyl fences have the flexibility to give a little under high strain. That makes them stronger in the long run than fences that only resist force. Typical high winds may bend a vinyl fence, but they won’t shatter one. Vinyl fences can also withstand an impact better than wood or chain link. They’re the perfect choice if you may face further squalls. Although vinyl likely costs more than chain link or wood, Fencing Direct’s SPECIAL DISCOUNTS and FREE SHIPPING will help your checkbook.

Dangerous pools

Fences destroyed or damaged by hurricanes can be annoying, but pool fences destroyed or damaged by hurricanes can be downright dangerous. Every year, almost 1,000 children drown, most of them in pools at homes, according to Pool fencing is one of the most critical steps in making a home safe for children. No homeowner should go without it for any amount of time.

We know that unsecured pools pose huge risks to toddlers and young children, and homeowners need solutions quickly. With that in mind, Fencing Direct is offering FREE, EXPEDITED SHIPPING.

You may also have to deal with damaged or destroyed screen rooms. In Florida, the law mandates that a barrier at least 48 inches high protect all pools, with no gaps for kids to get through. Replacing or repairing a screen room can be exorbitantly expensive, but a PVC privacy fence can fulfill your legal requirements and may cost a tenth of the price.

Early estimates say homeowners may lose as much as $30 billion from Harvey, and insurers expect $40 billion in claims from Irma. Fencing Direct aims to help fix these problems however we can. In addition to our standard LOW PRICES, we can offer those in affected areas SPECIAL DISCOUNTS as well as FAST, FREE FREIGHT expedited at our expense. Disaster relief requires support from anyone who can lend a hand, and we at Fencing Direct feel lucky to be able to offer support. If you are a hurricane victim who needs a replacement fence, contact us today.