How Long Should an Aluminum Fence Last?

Often, when people think of fencing, they think of a white picket fence. You know the one - bright white, very short, and representative of the quintessential American home. Behind the fence, you could see a small, colonial-style house with a garden of tulips in front. The yard is full of luscious green grass, and there are children’s toys spread across the yard. Surrounding this house are a bunch of houses that look more-or-less the same.

Fortunately, that scene is not the only one we see across the United States. There are a variety of home styles, landscapes, and fencing available for our pleasure. You can completely customize your home with whatever you would like. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Possibly. But it may also seem overwhelming. There are so many choices out there; how can you know which option is best for you and your family?

Thankfully, there is no such thing as a “perfect choice.” No matter what you choose for your home, there are pros and cons to that item. You may want or already have that luscious green grass; however, that grass needs to be maintained. When the grass begins to dry out in the Fall season or your kids dig a hole, you can see the damage. There is a con to that “perfect” grass. 

The same goes for fencing. There are a multitude of options for your home’s fencing. There is wood fencing, vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, decorative fencing, industrial fencing, and more. In today’s day and age, you can pretty much get whatever type of fencing you want. Maybe you want fencing that is tall and menacing; perhaps you are looking for a minimalist split-rail fence. It is essential to consider what you find most important in a fence. For some, it is decoration. But for others, it is the durability.

Aluminum fencing is unique in that it combines beauty with safety. Aluminum fences are strong, durable, and elegant. It may seem weird that fencing can be made out of aluminum, but aluminum fencing is a popular choice of fencing. Aluminum fencing is a versatile metal fencing that comes in many styles. Aluminum fencing can be placed almost anywhere for any yard. 

If you take one look at aluminum fencing, it pretty much sells itself. Aluminum fencing combines safety, security, splendor, and ease to create a lovely and exquisite design for your house. But the question many of you are asking - how long does aluminum fencing last?

It isn’t easy to give a quantitative range of how long an aluminum fence will last. There are a lot of factors that can determine the lifespan of an aluminum fence; we estimate that our aluminum fences can last a couple of decades. Aluminum fences are so sturdy that some of our manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for aluminum fences.

Aluminum Fences Won’t Rot

Unlike its wooden counterparts, aluminum fencing will not rot or degrade. On average, aluminum can take decades to degrade. That means that aluminum can outlive you! If you add the proper finish, aluminum fencing can last even longer than that. In contrast, wooden fences need to be replaced more frequently, and they need to be repainted and refinished. That means in addition to the money you are spending on installation, you are then spending additional money on maintenance — materials and labor.

Aluminum Fences are Versatile

Aluminum fencing is extremely versatile. Due to its “rackable” nature, aluminum fencing does not feel the strain that other types of fencing can experience. No matter the sloping of your yard, aluminum fencing will adjust itself. This lack of tension and pressure allows aluminum fencing to last longer. Say you live on a piece of land that has a few bumps in the yard. Aluminum fencing can handle it! You can adjust the aluminum fence to stick to the curves in your yard, ensuring that there is no undue pressure on your fence or on your yard.

Aluminum Fences are Weather Resistance

Aluminum fencing is extremely durable to the weather. Aluminum fencing can withstand wind, rain, and some storms. In contrast, other fencing, like wood fencing, needs maintenance every year or so to maintain a basic level of protection from the weather. You will not need to worry about applying a new coat of paint or varnish to aluminum fences because they will be able to withstand most types of weather. If you live in storm-prone areas, it is especially important to invest in a fence that will be able to withstand frequent rain and storms. It would be best if you did not have to deal with a broken fence because of a natural occurrence.

Aluminum Fences can Withstand Family Playtime

We have all been there. Your kids or nieces and nephews are playing outside, and suddenly one of them has the urge to kick a ball very hard. This ball then ends up hitting something - a window, a car, a fence, or even a person. It is hard to be mad at the kid; they are young and don’t really know any better. We do our best to teach them, but until they grow up a little bit, their brains have a hard time comprehending the consequences. That is why aluminum fences are perfect for families with young children. No matter how hard your kid kicks their soccer ball into the fence, the fence will not break. As your child grows older, they will inevitably become stronger. Maybe they will even join a soccer team. That will not matter - the aluminum fence will still be able to withstand the force of the ball. 

Aluminum fencing is built to last a long time. If you are spending so much time looking for and installing a fence, then you want to find a fence that is beautiful, low-maintenance, and durable. The aluminum fence meets all of these criteria. An aluminum fence will last for a very long time, as long as it is installed correctly. Fencing Direct can offer you a variety of splendid aluminum fences that will last.