How to Cut a Chain Link Fence

As you may know, at Fencing Direct we sell chain link fences for delivery to homeowners in 50-foot rolls. This brings up a lot of questions from homeowners about how to cut a chain link fence. After all, it is very rare that 50 feet is precisely the length a DIY fence installer needs. 

Shortening a chain link fence is not cutting but de-spooling it. The best part is that this requires nothing more than a pair of pliers.

Shortening a Chain Link Fence

There are a few easy steps to “cutting” a chain link fence.

  • - Locate the connections at the top and bottom of the fence. These points are where the wire mesh has loops connecting one wire to the next. This is known as the “knuckle,” seen at the top of the photo on the left.
  • - Disconnect the loop on the bottom of the fence by using pliers to turn the loop into a 90-degree turn in the wire. Pull this end out of the loop.
  • - Disconnect the loop on the top of the fence using the same process.
  • - Rotate the disconnected wire so it is perpendicular to the rest of the mesh.
  • - Follow the unhooked wire to the other side of the fence
  • - Unhook the end wire from the other side.
  • - Spin the now completely unhooked chain until the wire comes completely out, freeing one section of fence from the other.


How to Lengthen a Chain Link Fence

To lengthen a fence, the process is much the same, just backward. With two distinct pieces of mesh, you will need a single length of unspooled chain link fence wire. 

  1. - Set the two pieces next to each other.
  2. - Start the unspooled wire at the bottom of the mesh and twist it, so the end loops through a link with each rotation.
  3. - Repeat until the two sides are stitched together.
  4. - Run the end of the wire through the loop at the top of the mesh. 
  5. - Use your pliers to close the end of the wire at the top of the fence and create a new loop.
  6. - Repeat Step 5 on the bottom of the fence.