Your DIY Fencing Guide

Whether adding curb appeal or providing privacy, fences are useful and stylish.  Building a fence is one of the most popular ‘Do-It-Yourself’ projects amongst property owners.  This is due to the somewhat simple nature of these projects.  As long as patience is shown and directions are followed, a wide variety of  fences can be installed efficiently and effectively.

Let us provide you with a step-by-step guide to taking advantage of all of the resources which Fencing Direct offers.

Step By Step:

Determine Your Goals:

At Fencing Direct, we want to share all of our immense knowledge with you, so you can make a great decision in any fence materials.  All fences provide specific purposes.   If privacy is needed or keeping your pet safe, we want you to be knowledgeable as to what options are at your disposal.  

After searching through our detailed pictures and descriptions, if you have any questions at all, feel free to call 1(800) 603-6771 or email  

Establish Your Budget:

A quality fence is an investment in your property and adds to its value.  Setting a budget will allow you to focus on what options you have available, and it is always good practice.

Neighborhood Associations:

Homeowner’s Associations, cities or towns may have height or style restrictions for your fence.  It is advisable that researching this information can only save you time and money.

Property Lines:

Locating your property lines is highly advisable.  It would not be much fun to find out that you cheated yourself out of even an extra foot of your property.  If you go onto your neighbor’s property, this will almost always certainly lead to needing to take down your fence as well.


Measure the area in which you want to build your fence.  A tape measure or wheel will allow you to accurately determine how much material is needed.  The better measurement, the more accurate your material list, which in turn leads to saving more money.  Please take your time and notice any possible obstructions such as trees or rocks.


Does a vehicle need to get through your potential gate?  How about an oversized lawn mower?  If so, what is the measurement?  Remember, allow extra space so you do not cut things too close.


Our Fencebuilder application featured on our website allows you to do a complete layout as detailed as you choose.  

Choose from a variety of objects such as a house, a pool, landscape features or anything you want included in your design.  Choose between various styles of fences, including their heights and colors as well.

Select where the ideal place for your gates can be and also change the grid size for larger projects.  The footage is automatically calculated for you and all of the necessary materials are included as you design your fence project.

When you are comfortable with your drawing, you can save it to make adjustments in the future, or you can quickly create a quote.  

A complete breakdown of all materials needed is provided to you.  From here, you can add the materials to your cart.  You can even find out shipping prices.  

If you need any assistance through the process, just reach out to a friendly member of the Fencing Direct staff at 1(800) 603-6771.  

Will you Install Yourself?

Most of our fencing can easily be installed with the help of a friend or neighbor.  However, you may find a local handyman who will install your fence at a reasonable price.

Finally, you can quickly order all of your fence’s needs on our website or you can have our staff gladly order it for you by calling 1(800) 603-6771. 

Fencing Direct aims to save you money and time.  Under our resources section, you can look at available installation videos, printable instructions, brochures and warranty information for each product.

Types of Fencing:

We offer a wide variety of fence styles, colors and designs.  Here is some detailed information to make you more familiar with our products.

Aluminum Ornamental:

Aluminum fences have rackable fence sections.   A rackable fence panel is one that can adjust to the slope of your land without having to be stair-stepped.   Our aluminum fences are designed to rack 25 inches over 6’ with no special rails. This will accommodate all but the steepest grades.  

Our aluminum fences are made in a wide range of styles and heights.  They come in many different colors which are applied using a powder coating.  The coating is applied through an electrostatic process and cured under heat to form a strong, smooth surface.  

Powder coating adheres to aluminum better than paint or other coatings.  It has the ability to withstand harsh conditions including extreme heat and cold.  This  weather resistant quality leads many manufacturers to offer very long warranties, from decades up to "lifetime" for some brands.

Aluminum fence is available to meet BOCA swimming pool code.  It will add beauty and safety to your backyard as well.

These fences are easy to implement, as a standard installation can usually be done over a weekend with the help of friends or family.

Vinyl PVC Fence:

Vinyl fencing has been around for more than 30 years.  Wooden fences often contain chemical treatments which can prove hazardous to those exposed to the chemicals. Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, is a family friendly product made of non-toxic materials and is fully recyclable.

Wooden fencing and vinyl fencing products cost roughly the same to install.  Vinyl fencing wears better and carries a lifetime guarantee though.  Experts believe that over time a vinyl fence will run about one-third the cost of a similar wooden fence.

Since the vinyl fencing is UV protected,  it will not wilt or discolor under the sun's gaze.  Also, vinyl fences are graffiti resistant as paint easily washes off of its base.

Chain Link Fence:

The chain link fence is the most popular fencing choice in America, and it has been for many generations.  Its materials are reliable and made of high quality.  Chain link fence has protected children and pets in the backyards and schoolyards of America since the turn of the century.

It is known for its tradition of value, durability and strength.  As everyone is probably familiar with its appearance, color-coated varieties exist and are available.  The chain link fence remains affordable and highly dependable.

The average consumer expects a new chain link fence to last over 20 years and one built with quality materials can last even longer.  To get the enjoyment and durability you expect from your new fence, invest in quality materials.  A chain link fence built with quality materials can last longer than the 20 years expected by most consumers.  They last far longer than wood and some other fence products as well.

Fencing Direct stocks high quality traditional galvanized and color coated chain link products.  The heights offered are 42”, 48”, 60”, and 72”.  Our black and green chain link fence comes with a warranty and is available in 1 ¼” mesh to meet BOCA swimming pool code.

Commercial Chain Link:

Fencing Direct offers, on the site, basic light commercial chain link.  This is typically used for small businesses, municipalities and ball fields.  We can quote, industrial and federal specification projects on a job by job basis, delivered anywhere in the country and around the world.

Porch and Deck Railing:

Porch and deck railings come ready to install using our posts or your current posts.  It is adjustable for step as well.  Railings are available in black and white.  It is low maintenance and available in two styles.

Privacy Slats:

Our  vertical fence slats lend privacy and security.  They also enhance the appearance of any chain link fence system.  

Our slat options offers between 70% and 90% privacy for your enclosed area.  Different colors are available.

*Fencing Direct also offers a Clearance Center.  Call 1(800) 603-6771 to get the latest distributor discounts on the East Coast and Midwest.

Why Fencing Direct?

Large home improvement stores buy materials at the cheapest prices available across the world.  This sacrifices the quality greatly.  These places also never have a great selection or consistent supply of materials available.  You can forget about having any questions as well because it seems like nobody is ever available to help.

People have demanded a source for quality fencing at an affordable price, so we responded.  We urge you to feel comfortable with our entire experience, so if you ever have the slightest question, contact us at 1(800) 603-6771.   

Fencing Direct is your national leader for obtaining high quality fencing materials for your next project.  Our low prices are another unique aspect we offer.  However, what we offer best is our customer service, as we pride ourselves in making sure all of our clients have every single question answered.  Our user-friendly website offers numerous resources as well.

Check out our enormous variety and low prices today!

*When installing your fence check to see if you need local permits and ALWAYS call to have underground utilities marked before you dig – It’s the law!