Summer Fence Maintenance Tips

As the summer heat sets in, your fence maintenance needs will grow. Hotter temperatures, increased humidity, and rapid plant growth can challenge the integrity of your fence. Preparing and adequately caring for your fences during these sunny months is vital.

Summer Weather and Your Fence

The Effect of Higher Humidity on Fences 

Summer humidity can promote the growth of green moss and lichen, especially in areas that stay damp. While moss and lichen have a worse time establishing themselves on vinyl fence or aluminum fence than wood, they can still attach and spread their spores to new areas. However, the good news for our customers is that due to the nature of our materials, you'll find it much easier to clean off unwanted growth. 

The Threat of Growing Root Systems 

Summer is a time of flourishing plant growth. However, that beautiful greenery can come with a downside for your fences. As they develop their root systems, trees, and plants can undermine and destabilize fences. Trees, with their extensive root systems, pose the biggest problem.

The UV Protection Advantage of Fencing Direct

Understanding UV Protection 

Our products are designed to withstand the summer sun. They all have UV protection, ensuring they won't degrade under harsh sunlight. For instance, our chain link fences offer 15 years of UV protection.

Beyond just preventing damage, UV protection helps maintain the color and appearance of your fence. Your fence will not only last longer but will also continue to look great for many summers to come.

Practical Steps for Summer Fence Maintenance

Regular cleaning 

Regular cleaning can be your best defense against moss and lichen. You should check your fences frequently and clean any spots where these organisms might try to establish themselves. Using the cleaning supplies mentioned in our previous blog, you can keep your fences looking their best all summer.

Managing Root Growth near the Fence 

Monitor trees and plants near your fence to avoid damage from root growth. Look for signs of roots growing too close to the fence and manage them appropriately. This means trimming the trees or plants or seeking professional advice if the problem appears severe.

Your fence is an integral part of your property, and its maintenance is crucial, especially during summer. By staying vigilant about cleaning and root growth, as well as relying on the UV protection of Fencing Direct's products, you can help ensure the longevity and durability of your fence. Visit Fencing Direct today to explore our range of fence materials and parts designed to withstand the summer challenges.