An Ornamental Fence Will Boost Your Curb Appeal

Everyone knows that ornamental fences are gorgeous. But did you know they have a ton of other benefits as well? Whether this be easy-maintenance, privacy, or longevity, aluminum fences provide a combination of beauty and security homeowners often want in a fence. To help you decide what type of fence would be best for you, here are a few of the benefits of choosing an aluminum fence for your property.

Durability of an ornamental fence

One of the many benefits of choosing an aluminum fence is that they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Unlike other metal fences, such as those made of iron, aluminum fences are not subjected to corrosion or rusting. This means that even when exposed to moist environments, these fences hold strong, which makes ornamental aluminum fences a popular option for those who live on the coast. Unlike other fences, such as wood, aluminum is also not troubled by rotting or insect damage, and also stands up against wind better than many fences. This means that no matter where you live, or the type of weather you are faced with, your aluminum fence will likely stand for as long as you live in your home.

The low maintenance ornamental fence

The durability of aluminum also means that these fences are one of the most low-maintenance options available. You will not have to worry about coating them, painting them, or refinishing them. Aluminum fences are coated with a special paint during the manufacturing process that fuses with the metal. This means that these fences will look pristine for decades before they begin to fade or lose their color.  All that you will have to do to keep you fence looking as good as the day it was installed is to occasionally wash it to remove any dirt and debris that may have collected on it.  

Beautiful ornamental fences

One of the reasons that ornamental fences are so popular is that they seamlessly combine beauty and functionality. While their lasting stability makes them a great security fence, aluminum fences are also extremely beautiful. Coming in a variety of styles and colors, you can choose an aluminum fence that will not only match your personality, but that will also enhance your home and increase its curb appeal. In fact, an aluminum fence can even increase your home’s value, and can save you money on your home insurance premiums due to the protection with which it provides your home.

Affordability at long last

Surprisingly, given their beauty and security, aluminum fences are also fairly affordable when compared to other metal fencing options such as iron or steel. Additionally, while the upfront costs of aluminum fences are slightly higher than wooden fences, aluminum fences tend to be cheaper over the life of the fence, as they do not require the costly maintenance and repairs of wooden fences. Furthermore, aluminum fences last longer than wood, and will not need to be replaced for decades. This makes aluminum fencing a better long-term investment in your property that can save you money in the long-run.

Versatility beyond belief

Aluminum fences are also extremely versatile, as they can be installed on a variety of landscapes. This means that if the landscape of your property is sloping or uneven, your aluminum fence can easily be adjusted to fit your landscape. When properly installed, you will not have any unsightly gaps or transitions in your aluminum fence, creating a level looking fence.

Easy Installation

Another reason to consider an aluminum fence for your property is that they are fairly simple to install. This means that if you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could choose to save money by installing this fence yourself, and simply purchasing the fencing materials. However, should you decide it is best to leave the security of your new fence to a professional contractor, the ease at which these fences can be installed means choosing an aluminum fence can save you time and money on the installation process.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Even with the benefits adding a fence to one’s property can provide, some homeowners may worry about the initial investment this requires, and the potential costs involved in maintaining and repairing an aluminum fence should something happen to it. However, part of your investment in a quality fence includes a limited lifetime warranty. We guarantee our aluminum fencing against defects including peeling, flaking, corrosion, rusting, or discoloration. Additionally, as long as the original paperwork is retained, you can transfer this warranty to one transferee, meaning that this warranty will even cover the next owner of your home, which can be an additional selling point should you put your house up for sale.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider an aluminum fence for your property. However, ultimately, different fences will benefit different individuals, and you will have to consider all of the fencing options available to you when choose a fence for your home. contact us to learn more about the fencing options available to you, as well as to find out more about aluminum fencing.