The Best Uses for Aluminum Fences

Take a second to pay attention to aluminum fencing as you move around the world, and you will start noticing too many examples to keep count. Aluminum fences have taken off recently for many reasons, including but not limited to aluminum’s abundance and affordability, its ease and versatility in installation, and perhaps most importantly, its durability. 

Aluminum fencing is a great fit for any of your fencing needs, but there are some classic examples for good reason. 

Pool Fencing

If you have a pool or take care of one, you have probably spent some time considering your best fencing options. While a pool fence is a requirement, it shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s where Fencing Direct’s aluminum fences come in for the rescue. Pool fencing is definitely where aluminum fences shine! Fencing Direct’s aluminum fences should not rust, so really anywhere there is water is a great place for them. Think boat docks, backyard canals, the water-related fencing needs go on! Aluminum’s rust- and rot-resistant properties make it a much more suitable option than wood or wrought-iron fencing where water is involved. Where wood will rot over time with the inevitable exposure to water and humidity, and wrought iron will undoubtedly start to rust, aluminum will stay long-lasting in the face of these elements. This durability means you can install your fence and enjoy it with little maintenance for years and years to come. 

High-wind Areas

 Another great use for aluminum fencing? High-wind areas! Because all aluminum fencing necessarily has gaps, wind can pass through it without catching on a solid surface. Because wind can pass through it, there is less chance of damage than a solid fence such as a wooden one, which is more likely to get hit with a wind gust and be pushed over. If you have an area prone to high winds, whether that’s the whole region vulnerable to hurricanes or just an alleyway or yard that funnels wind through it, Fencing Direct’s aluminum fencing is an important option to consider. 

Security and Semi-privacy

If you have an area that you want to enclose for security and semi-privacy but still want it to feel open and enticing to the public- aluminum fencing is your answer. Aluminum’s affordability and open design best serve areas like these, such as open dining areas, whereas wood would close it off and wrought iron is far more expensive. Ensure your diners are protected and secure, rather than claustrophobic or caged in, with aluminum fencing’s premier design. 

Pet Fencing

Pets are a top reason people are spurred to install fencing where they did not think they needed it before. You can extend your pet’s world beyond your four walls with the magic of a well-placed and secure fence around your yard, and therefore make your pet happier and healthier than ever. If you want to let your pets run around and trust they will stay within reach, look no further than Fencing Direct’s aluminum fencing. Aluminum fencing works best for pets who want to be social and interact with the world, and who will not try to wriggle through the gaps and sneak away. A big enough dog that is not triggered by the outside world will thrive with the addition of a sturdy aluminum fence. Don’t shut them away from the world in your house or in a completely closed off yard with a solid wooden fence- let your pets interact with the outside world and you and your pet will be happier for it. 

Vault Prevention 

Speaking of security, aluminum fences can offer top-notch and still affordable security with the design of pitch-pointed pickets, often called Huntington style. Pickets that come to a point at the top make jumping over the fence much more challenging, and therefore this style is a reliable deterrent against people trying to jump over. This type of fencing is a great option for a stylish feel that still gives reliable protection without looking menacing and scary. Protect your home or property in style! Because this design provides reliable protection, it is important to consider what animals live in your area when choosing this type of fencing. Deer, for example, may try to jump over the fence and could hurt themselves. With this in mind, fences could be made taller and therefore un-jumpable, or given other forms of protection. 

What Makes Aluminum So Great?

Now that we’ve detailed WHERE you can use your aluminum fence let’s consider WHY it is such a great option with its many benefits. 

Aluminum is versatile! Fencing Direct’s aluminum fencing can fit anything from an abnormally shaped yard to a sloped surface without fear of unwanted gaps or wonky transitions. It can fit in pieces for modular fencing of different heights or needs, so you can get exactly the fence you want and need. 

Aluminum fencing also provides a high-quality but non-distracting look to any property you decide to add it to. It provides the elegance of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost and comes in many shapes and even colors, so you can match your fence to your particular style and get a fence that is attractive while not taking away from the beauty of your home or business. 

Aluminum is a lightweight material, which is one major benefit for making installation easy and, therefore affordable and faster than other heavier materials like wrought iron. 

Ease of installation is just one reason aluminum fences are your top choice for an affordable yet high-quality fence. Compared to a typical wrought-iron or steel fence, aluminum is a more readily available material and is cheaper to manufacture. You can have the regal-ness of wrought-iron at a fraction of the cost. And compared to wood, which may cost less upfront, it takes very little maintenance, so it will last longer and cost less on upkeep in the long run. Invest in your property for the future, and get aluminum. 

Not only is aluminum affordable to install and maintain, but if something should happen to damage it, it is also straightforward to repair! Upkeep on aluminum fences does not require painting or refinishing, like a typical wood fence. And because you can replace one part of the fence without affecting the whole, it is quite simple to fix any damage and therefore also cost-effective.

Aluminum is a great choice for the environmentally-focused consumer. It is a highly-recyclable material, meaning you can even request recycled aluminum fencing! In addition, it doesn’t require stains or paints, chemicals that take their toll on the land around your fence and where they are produced. 

Fencing is primarily used for safety and security. You can rest assured that your aluminum fence provides this, with it’s practically unbreakable strength, as compared to a chain-link fence, for example, and premium security options, such as pointed tops. Keep your yard, pool, home, or business protected and your family and loved ones safe with aluminum fencing. 

Aluminum fences are a top choice for whatever your fencing considerations and needs!