What is a cyclone fence?

When choosing a fence, there are many options to choose from. The prototypical white-picket fence may come to mind, but there are so many options to consider beyond that, from vinyl railing to aluminum posts. Cyclone fences, also known as chain-link fences, are among these common varieties and are a great fencing option to assess when doing your fencing search. 

Cyclone fence is the lesser-known name for what is commonly referred to as a chain-link fence. Cyclone fences are typically made from galvanized or coated steel wire, with each wire bent to zig-zag with the wires on either side of it. They are also commonly referred to as wire-mesh fencing, diamond-mesh fencing, or wire netting. Though this type of fencing does not immediately come to mind when one is thinking of fencing, compared to the white-picket fence, there are many advantages to this variety of fence. 

One of the biggest advantages of a cyclone fence is its durability. Cyclone fences derive their name from their ability to withstand the gale-force winds of a tropical storm. Because of the holes in the design, winds blow through them rather than ripping them up from the posts. The material itself is also durable. Galvanized steel will hold up for years, and it can be coated or painted to prevent corrosion or weakening from exposure to icy, rainy, or sunny weather.

Another important benefit of cyclone fences is its affordability. Cyclone fences cost much less compared to wood, vinyl, or metal fences, while still serving the purpose of security. Not only are the materials much more low-cost, because they are so much simpler to install, but you could also easily order the materials and install the fence yourself, saving yourself hundreds of dollars on installation costs. They are so easy to install that in industrial settings they are installed for temporary use, with the wire fencing rolled up and moved with each new project. 

Cyclone fence’s maintenance ease also keeps the price down in the long run. Areas that are damaged through wear and tear, accident, or mischief, can easily be cut out and replaced with a new section, matching seamlessly with the old sections. It is also very easy to maintain. To keep it clean you just need soap and water to make it look brand new, and there is not much upkeep beyond that.

The cyclone fence is versatile. It can be used in light residential uses and for heavy industrial settings. It is commonly used for a wide range of uses such as playgrounds, pet containment, sports fields, and industrial businesses. Cyclone fences are able to provide security and boundaries while still letting light into your yard. It can be installed at many different heights, thicknesses, and designs, and can be painted to suit any of your aesthetic needs. 

If you are looking for a reliable and durable fence on a budget- you cannot go wrong with a cyclone fence. You can save even more money by ordering the materials directly and installing the fence yourself, through Fencing Direct.