What Types of Cement to Use with Aluminum Fences

At Fencing Direct, the first question we always get after a customer purchases their fencing is, “What type cement should I use?” Most cements work with fencing, but not all. One type of cement to avoid is quick-drying cement. If a quick-drying cement must be used, we strongly urge customers to avoid a cement type with lime or acids. 

Quick-drying cement with lime or acids will rapidly deteriorate fencing material, especially aluminum fence posts, potentially eating through them entirely within just a few months. The corrosive nature of these cements does not make for a good mix.

If you must use quick-drying cement, we recommend ONLY using mortar-based quick-drying cement, such as:

Ultrabond® Hard-Rok Anchoring Cement
Drylok® Fast Plug® Hydraulic Cement

It is critical to note that quick-drying cement can only be used in optimal conditions. If the ground is under 40 degrees F, the work surface and surrounding areas should be warmed up before use. If the ground is over 80 degrees F, you should use a slow-setting cement. Additionally, because of the quick setting time, you should only mix as much as you can use at the moment; the cement will set quickly in your transfer vessel.