Your Chain Fence Guide

Chain fence provides an unrivaled combination of utility and affordability to property owners. Since the 1800s, chain fences have helped protect families, students, animals, business owners, and employees from unwanted trespassers. Their cost-effective design and low maintenance construction have made chain link fences the most widely used type of fencing in America. Below is a summary of the many uses of chain link fences, in addition to their key benefits.  

Popular Chain Fence Locations

The demand for chain fences has remained steady over the years. Chain link fences can be found in a wide range of settings, from city suburbs, to inner city properties, to industrial sites. They serve as popular enclosures for residential, public, and commercial facilities alike. Some of the most common sites for chain link fences include the following:

  • Private homes

  • Industrial plants

  • Universities and schools

  • Athletic fields

  • Parks and recreational sites

  • Veterinary care facilities

  • Playgrounds

  • Swimming pools

Benefits of Chain Fences

The sustained popularity of chain fences is the result of three key factors: their budget-friendly price tag, their low maintenance construction, and their durability. Additionally, chain link fences are simple to install and are available in a variety of weather-resistant materials. Below is a brief look at each of these benefits:

  • Attractive price: A chain link fence is ideal for property owners in search of the most affordable type of fencing
  • Low maintenance: Chain link fencing is the perfect option for busy property owners
  • Durable construction: Chain fences are galvanized to help prevent rust from forming
  • Easy installation: You can install a chain link fence swiftly and with little disruption to your home or business
  • Transparent: A chain fence protects your property while allowing its beauty to be visible to passers-by
  • Lifespan: Property owners can expect for chain link fences to last roughly 20 years
  • Versatility: Buyers can choose from aluminum, vinyl-coated or zinc-coated fencing. Popular colors include silver, green, brown, and black.

Customizing Your Chain Fence

Once you have decided that a chain fence is the best fencing option for your property, you need to outline the specific parameters that you require. Before you purchase your fence, you will need to have the following information on hand:

  • Your desired fence height. Popular height options range from 42” to 72”.
  • Desired color. You will need to decide if you prefer a traditional silver finish or a color fence, such as black or green.
  • Amount of fencing required. You will need to have your property’s measurements on hand.
  • Gate installation. Most chain fences include an access gate. You will need to know where you would like your gate.
  • Delivery. Make sure that you will be available to receive your chain link fence when it arrives.
  • Installation. If you are not planning to install your fence upon arrival, make sure that you have sufficient space to store your chain link fence.

The Top 10 Qualities to Seek in a Chain Fence Provider

Not all chain link fences are created equal. After you have decided to invest in a chain link fence, the next step is to choose a dependable chain fence provider. As you evaluate chain link fencing companies, you should seek a company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of product and service. Below are the top 10 qualities to seek in a chain fence provider:

1) Inventory: Seek a company that offers a wide array of fencing options from the most reliable manufacturers

2) Experience: Companies with at least a decade of experience in the chain fence industry are recommended

3) A Global Presence: Look for a fencing provider with experience handling projects across the globe

4) Industry Expertise: Your fencing provider should be able to review your specifications and make recommendations

5) High-Quality Products: Companies that provide chain link fences that are made in the USA are good choices

6) Scalability: Choose a fencing provider that has the resources to tackle projects of every type and size

7) Value: Affordability should be a key factor as you review chain link fencing companies

8) Accessibility: You should be able to easily reach a representative by phone or electronically

9) Product Support: Seek a provider that offers live support and helpful installation videos

10) Prompt Delivery: Select a company that can deliver your chain link fencing to your door within a reasonable timeframe

In addition to the qualities above, you should always request a formal quote in writing before committing to a purchase. Make sure that your quote is itemized and includes all delivery costs and warranty information. Finally, you should request a list of references and contact them to ensure that you are working with a reputable provider.

Finalizing Your Chain Fence Purchase

Clearly, not all chain fence providers are created equal. Very few fencing companies possess all of the qualities outlined above. Fortunately, the fencing experts with Fencing Direct exude all of these qualities and more. Known for their extensive inventory and product knowledge, Fencing Direct possesses decades of industry experience and carries over 2,000 fencing related products. Their fencing specialists are dedicated to helping you choose a high quality chain link fence that meets your unique needs and budgetary parameters.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with the best chain link fence for your home, school or business. We offer live support or 24 hour a day access to our unique online quote builder. We look forward to hearing from you!