DIY Fence Removal — It’s Easy!

Are you planning on removing a chain link fence from your home or property? Many home or property projects are wide in scope, expensive, and usually require professional input. Fence removal does not have to be one of these projects. It can very much be a  DIY project for home and property owners. Removing your property’s fencing can be a simple, low-stress project provided you’re taking the right steps to remove fences from your property. Chain link fence removal, specifically, can be a very simple undertaking, but you want to cover your bases before moving forward with the project. Whether you want to install a different style of fencing or simply remove chain link fencing from your property, there are a few things to consider and some necessary steps to take. To ensure you encounter no unnecessary snags as you move forward, we’ve put together a blog post outlining the right way to remove a chain link fence. 

Step 1: Detach the Fence 

The first step in fence removal is a simple one. You’ll want to detach the fence grid from the fence posts. This point in the process of fence removal requires a pair of bolt cutters. Simply use the bolt cutters to cut the wire loops that hold the fence grid to the fence posts. Once all clips have been cut and removed, you should be able to easily remove the fence grid from the posts. 

Step 2: Roll up the fencing

Once you’ve detached the fence grid from the fence posts, you’re ready to handle the fence grid. You can roll the fence into a bundle for ease of transport. If the fence grid is too long, over 100 feet, you can use the bolt cutters to cut the fencing into smaller sections. This will help you more easily handle the transport of the fencing. In order to roll up the fencing, start at one end and roll the fencing towards the other end. This will give you a neat cylinder that can be transported easily. 

Step 3: Loosen concrete posts

Generally, fence posts are embedded in concrete for stability. These posts will have to be removed as you move forward with the fence removal process, and it does take a little work to get these out of the ground since they are embedded in concrete. A good strategy for removal is to soak the ground around the posts with a watering hose. This should make the posts and the concrete they are embedded in easier to remove. 

Step 4: Remove posts

Concrete posts can be difficult to remove from the ground even if you have soaked the ground with a watering hose. At this point, you’ll want to use a shovel to excavate the concrete bases from the ground. For posts that are harder to get out of the ground, it is a good idea to first loosen them with a shovel and then use a truck and chain to pull them out of the ground. Alternatively, you can rent a post puller from a heavy equipment supplier. 

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